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tommy rose - monirose@communityonline.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is move all your people to the bottom right hand corner. 99% of all the attacks will occur there. Build an oil tanker on either oil site. Then start building a reacher center and start upgrading your clan hall. Then build a beast bay and upgrade it. Build a grape shooter by the lower entrance. Put about 6 flame men, 7 gernade men and 5 elephents. Start building 15 elephants to take out their base. Their base only has 2 birds nests defending it. You may take a few men with you to be on the safe side.

Sam Benezra - sam@alans.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
when you first start the mission, build shotguners infinitely until you have at least 35-40.
(You can build a couple of tanks too). Then you send your army to the front of their base.
Knock out the guard tower first, then the rest of their base.
With this strategy it took me 5-10 min. to beat.

NING LIANG - lianggao@bouldernews.infi.net

As soon as you start the mission, take your starting troops and move them to the right, where there will be a guard tower. Station your troops there, as there will be an attack against it. Quickly build a blacksmith as far off to the right of your clan hall as you can, and build a Beast Enclosure even farther off.
As you will see, there will be two oil wells there. One about half screen above the other. Deploy two oil derricks in these, and build a power plant next to each.
Build an alchemy hall and immediatly upgrade your Clan Hall to level 3. Build grapeshot cannons in place of the machinegun turrets (destroy the Machinegun turrets, then place your cannons in their place.) Upgrade the rest. Build two tankers so every oil site will have two tankers shuffling between them.
By this time, your forces will be diminishing. Take a dire wolf (really fast unit) and send it up the map, all the way to the top. There will be a small opening. There will also be a dirt road. Follow the dirt road left up. There will be a tech bunker, where you will find a mech, very handy in the condition you're in now.
Build four acid beetles. Send them up north of your base to the small choke point. Line them up so there'll be no opening. Then, build seven more beetles, and and line them up at the chokepoint to the far right of your base, where the cliff opens up. Let there be no open space.
If you still have your mech, place him up on the cliff to the right of the chokepoint to the right of the base. Now, build a small attacking force, and send it the far lower right corner of the map (you will have to move your line of beetles for this.)
Destroy the guard tower at the lower right corner of the map. There will be an oil site above it. Destroy. Now, place a vehicle on top of the oil. The enemy won't send another derrick, instead, they will attack you with all remaining forces at your lower right choke point. Krush Kill 'n Destroy them. Now, just sweep the rest of their buildings.
One last note, there will be a guard tower to the north of the enemy base. It will be hidden in unexplored black. Destroy it and you will have won. YAY! MISSION COMPLETED

Reffli Palandeng - irpal@cabi.net.id

Scout your main base surrounding area first to get knowledge of the terrain and where the oil-spot is, but don't go across the river. Use your fastest unit for scouting, in this case is the Dire Wolf. Make 2 Drill Rig near your main base as soon as possible so you can have high increase rate of resources. Don't forget to increase the Tech Level of the buildings, especially the Clan Hall because you can have defence buldings. Create enough unit first and set up defence at north and east entrance of the main base before you go across the river, and watch for the enemy rush while you create your units.
Go to the highland in the north of the map to get the Mech from the Tech Bunker. Sure it will help you a lot! Be careful with the flame-thrower, because it can make big damage on your Mech easily. Defend your Mech at all costs because the Mech is so effective when you attack the Survivors' main base. Place the Mech in the back of other unit because it has long range attack. Separate your Rioter from another infantry when you attack the Survivor main base in the north-east of the map, because they can harm your own units with their grenade. Try to get rid of the Survivor Drill Rig first, so they don't have a chance to create more units. It was located in the east of the map.

Aaron Schubel - A.Schubel@mailbox.uq.edu.au

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

When you start this mission you are given a small army to work with. Send this entire army to the island in the north and look for a metal shed. When your forces get close enough to this shed a robot will walk out and will be under your control. It is very important that you don't build anything before you get the robot and all of your troops back to the base, because if you do, the enemy will attack and will destroy your clan hall and you will lose the mission.

When the robot is back at your base send it with your troops to the south eastern corner of the base to defend against any enemy invasion. The enemy forces that will attack your base are no match for the robots power so you can concentrate on constructing your buildings.

Start drilling for oil and build up a strong army. The robot will take care of any invasion from the south east corner of the base, and the enemy will not attack from the northern enterance as long as you do not place any buildings, troops or defences there.

When you have a very large army, destroy the enemy base and you will win the mission.

Trevor Calder - trevor@iinet.net.au

The name says it all for this mission. A blacksmith, and upgrade to make an extra tanker or two to keep the oil coming in.

I've won this one using just shotgunners and pyros. Let's face it, if you can't win a mission called "Walkover", you're playing the wrong game.

I guess I ought to put in a strategy, so here it is.
Build units (any units) and use them to attack up the East side of the map.


brett jenkins - brett_jenkins

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is you build your army up till you think it's big
Then you go and take out their oilrig and tracks. Then you go to theire base and if you've
lost a lot of your army you go back to your base and you should have more men built
Then you go back to their base and blow them to hell.

Benedict Corcoran - CunnWish@aol.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is ya get the 4x4 and put it at the top entrance and 2 men at the same place then put the rest at the east entrance. Then 1 truck will attack one of the entrances then shortly after that a lot of men will attack at the top entrance the ones which are the lucky gits will run away. Send your 4x4 after them and they will run around a river. Then when your 4x4 is underneath an up bit send it up it. Then go up the left road and soon you'll see a building. Go up close to it and a mech will come out of it. Take this into the suvivors' base. Then KKnD!

Meng Mao - lymmao@nr.infi.net

The name says it all: Walk Over. Don't attempt to make any buildings. Take all your offensive units to the north exit and go east toward the Survivor's base. Kill any enemies coming your way, and take out the guard tower. Then start building shotgunners at infinity. Take all of your units and destroy the Outpost. Kill anything it tries to build. Look back at your base, and take all the shotgun guys the same way to the base. Use what's left of the first wave to take out the rest of the base. Anything that remains can be finished off by the shotgun boys. Once you have totalled the Survivors' base, go west a little bit, and north into the entrance you see. Go west further and find the robot for whatever it's worth. Now take the men back out and all the way east, then all the way down to destroy the derrick. Instead of a Sim City affair, strike early and strike hard.

Andrew Evans - mtgfree@ram.net.au

You have to attack straight away because the computer has hardly any defence. Use the units you start with to attack the top base and while you kill that base, keep on building units. Then attack the bottom base and they are dead. Easy.
Don't just sit there and let them attack you because it is hard to defend against.

Alistair Catterall - catterall@flex.com.au


Instead of building expensive grapefruit cannons to defend you base build alls of giant beetles.
The beetles can give chase if the enemy pass the defences and do a lot more damage to troops.
when attacking use beetles to destroy the guard towers because the beetles have a longer range.

Steven Goldsmith - goldy_@hotmail.com

First of all you have to put the men you start with in the southeastern canyon and hold them there. Get lots of oil. Do this by putting 2 rigs up. Then get all the buildings except the Repair dock or the Evolved equivellent and the baedt container, but do them in this order; Blacksmith, derrick, first oil rig, Power station, Alchemy building. Then make your Clan Hall 'smarter' and produce 30 pyrotechnics. Send the pyrotechnics to defend the southern canyon. Make the Blacksmith 'smarter' twice and the Clanhall 'smarter' once more. Build another derrick and a oil truck, and send them to the second oil source. Whenever your pyrotechnics seem to be dieing send some more because they only cost 75.

Build 2 of the best defence towers (if they seem to have lost some of their strength in battle send a Medic over to help them) to defend the southern canyon and build one to defend the northern canyon. Also send some pyrotechnics north. Now build a beast warden and advance it as much as possible. Make 3 Elephants and 2 giant crabs to defend and help your pyro technics. Now it's time for the attack!!! Build 3 Bikes, 2 Wolf riders, 3 Monster trucks (they aren't good for defence), 2 Elephants, and about 15 pyromaniacs. Now send your bikes, wolves, and 5 of your Pyros to go north from the southern canyon and then East to the watch tower. Surround the tower on all sides and attack. Begin to attack the outpost.

While this is happening send the rest of the men you just built to the east of the southern canyon and north once they reach the next canyon. Make both armies meet and attack all enemy buildings and units in the area. Head all the troops defending the southern canyon East and past the canyon until the tower is in sight. Now move the northern troops southeast and attack with both armies from the opposite direction.

Rob T. - FANoSublim@aol.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

I beat this level WITHOUT even building a building!!! What I did was I just made all the shotgunners I could, then while they were being built I went N(up) with my dire wolf and got the Super Robot Guy!! then I took 1/2 of my shotguners and blew up the oil drill to the E(Right) of your base

**be aware of the defence(tower) by the oil drill**

When you kill their oil drill they won't rebuild it & they won't have any more resources to build cars/people. Then you can take your army and blow up their base!!

Arakano - teaton@gwi.net

First things first, you'll never survive without reinforcing. As the mission begins, there is a 4x4 truck coming down towards your lower machine gun nest. Move all units you have at the beginning down to the cliff opening. This will repel any attack that they can muster... for now.

After they all run away (the 4x4 and the infantry), go up to the top of the screen, due north of your lower machine gun nest. You will come to the river and a crossing in it. You will come to a road in another break in a cliff. Follow this left to a building. Move any unit next to it and you will recieve a Mech that will do your bidding. I use this unit for base defence and the final offense.

From now on, you may build your base in relative safety. If the enemy decides to attack from north of your base, then you will have to compensate and put a few Grapeshot cannons in there.

After all your buildings are built and upgraded, this includes the two oil patches near your base being used, build some defensive units. I like to use the rioters since when they reach an elite status, they will heal themselves, and they can hold their own against anything in large packs. To attack, use about four giant beetles, four war mammoths, and the mech. Now, go east of your base and take out the enemy machine gun post there. You can do this taking no damage by using the beetles. They can sit outside of its range and take it out. Now take your whole force and destroy any oil tankers and their oil rig that is nearby. Move from this position north, taking out their oil trucks as you go. Now the rest is fairly straight forward. Take out all heavy units (tanks, ATVs) and then any infantry. Then go after the buildings. After you take out the lasting machine gun posts, You Win!!

Bloodlock Bloodbane - ginny@hhs.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
First you set up your shotgunner, bomberman and motorcyclist at the top of your base. Then place your wolf at the right of your base, then you send your monster truck to the top of the screen. Go left until you reach a nuclear place, walk to to the nuclear thing and a robot walks out but don't kill it use it and then attack the base.

Stephen Hammond -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is get your dudy little guy on a bike and send him up through the North entrance. There'll be some blue guys coming, but just ignore them and go over the river. Keep going to the right until there is an opening upwards. Go up there and follow the dirt track until you get to a building with a nuclear sign on it. Go near to it and a mint robot guy will pop out. With the robot now as part of your crew go to the right past the entrance and through the trees. Set the robot to killing the gun tower. Once he has done that set him on the power station. Once that has been destroyed they have no resources to build anything.

Now if like me it took you a while to do this mission you'll never do the next ones without this: Go back to your base by pressing return. Set up 4 oil derricks on the nearest four oil pools. Build an alchemy hall and upgrade the blacksmith (once you've bought it, that is) until you can make more tankers. Make about 6 of them. Build a power station (2 if you want) near to one of the drills. Build any other buidings that you can and upgrade them. Build everything you can and use them to kick on whatever is left of the enemy's camp. Now you know how to finish 'The Walk Over' and what everything does.

Red Dwarf - tfrancis@sprint.ca

First, you split your forces and send them to the two guntowers. Then, you build a power station, a blacksmith, a alchemy hall, and a beast enclosure. Then, you take one of your wolfs, and go find the mech. Then you build 5 of those guys who raid the buildings. Then you use them to take out their oil platform (keep to the south of the map and you'll find it). Then build whatever you like to take out their main base.

JayDee_2 Something or other - jdewar@hotmail.com

I only have the demo of this cool game, and can't get a full version. Anyway the only game I can win is the evolved. First thing I send my begining units over to the tower where the survivor units appear. I save one unit to go north to get the tech bunker dude (you should know where it is- west of the suvivor camp) and get back. You won't need to spend money on other units now. The robot will take care of the foolish enemy units that aproach. Now build the necessary buildings (blacksmith, beast enclosure, alchemy hall, power station) and build the power station last, near the oil. Then build a derrick, and get oil going. Send a few units east to destroy their oil rig. As soon as the rig is destroyed, all their tankers will stop, and they will not have any money to build a new derrick, even though they have 2 full tankers (which, if summed up, will equal $1000 and enough for a new derrick) destroy the 2 full tankers, even though they will never unload. If they do, the AI will build combat units anyway.

Now, build another power house and derrick. Put these by the oil patch by the first rig. Now build three more of each building but the power stations. Research all researchable buildings. You should have run some of these buildings onto the path which the enemy comes through. Build a whole load of towers by the enemies' tower and watch it crumple. Get a derrick onto every oil patch in the field. If you were wise you would have cleared out all towers of the enemy. This means only the buildings are left. Since you can only build 4 power things, get 2 on one rig and two on another. For faster transfer, build more tankers, or if you own the demo like me, destroy a power station (but not its tanker) and create a new one. Repeat if necessary. I want you to get every last drop.

Sidd Shekar - none

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is build two oil rigs and two power plants to give you a fairly endless supply of oil. Then build an alchemy hall. Then upgrade your clan hall. Put infinite for pyromanics then build grapeshot cannons everywhere you can. When you have a strong defence take 10 pyromanics and move them to the small unguarded place near the enemy base, wait for them to attack your base, when they do, send your pyros to take out the guard tower in north then take out there power plant then finish the base by destroying every thing.

justin bates - justin@legacy-pizza.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......you put all of your units at the se gun tower then start building a blacksmith, a beast enclosure, a powerplant and a alchemy hall. Then you start making upgrades - monster trucks, giant scorpions, war mastodons, direwolfs, beserkers, shotguners, pyromaniacs, giant beetles and rioters. Send men to the se and n guntowers and then make some men, go and get a direwolf and send him to the far nw area and get the mech and then grab some men and go flatten the enemy base.

Alex Popa - None

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
You take your forces and move them to the eastern entrance. Build blacksmith, oil rig,..... Take the wolf and go north until you see a ramp. Climb it and follow the road. Take the mech and move it down where the other troops are. Build shotgunners and upgrade the Clan Hall. Build beast thing and upgrade it. Have 5 mastodons and the defense is sure. Move another 5 together with pyros east and KKND the oil rig and tower. Take the defense force and attack from that side. Attack with the mastodons/pyros through this side and kill 'em!

Albert Hudson -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is build your base but before that send some of your infantry west to destroy the enemy's drill rig. Now they have no money. Send a dire wolf to get your mech from the bunker. THEN YOU CAN KKND

Tomas Weinert - none

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... In the begining when you've got a few units and the main bulding build a blacksmith and produce the oil drill. When you've got it move the drill over the nearest oil (east). Build a power station. Now you have some cash. A 4*4 will attack the north gun tower. Attack it with all your forces. When you have about 2000$, make a alchemy lab. Evolve to the best towers by clicking on the main bulding. When you've got the pyromanics move a group of them (10 or more) to the eastern border. Krush kill`nd destroy the gun tower and the oil drill (north), wait for the enemy`s attack and finish him (don't worry when you lose them). The enemy will be bankrupt!

daniel hall - jchall@hypermax.com.au

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is to get the fastest man that you have, and you make him go up to the next grassy area and click on the bunker and a really cool guy that's nearly indistructable comes out. Use this guy to destroy the enemy!......

Daniel Zurawski - Taxman-NM@workdnet.ATT.Net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
Tak your dire wolf and go north as far as you can.Go to the side and there will be a small building.It will open if you put your dite wolf in font of it.The bulding will open a mech will come out.Take the mech and the rest of your army and DESTROY THAT ENEMY BASE!!!

A D - misty@cancom.net

If you are getting killed really fast or at all on this level first start building all of your buildings as normal then start building giant scorpions. About 20-25 is good. Send them to the guard tower that is right of your clan hall then send about 5-10 to the guard tower closest to your clan hall and about 2 mechanics to both towers. If your tower to the right gets distroyed before you do this you have 2 options

1. just continue

2.build another one and you CAN reduce the number of units

now make enough units to replace the 20-25 scorpions then send out the first 20-25 scorpions north to the base of the enemy it is like this:

g1 h p m


g=guard tower h=hq p=power plant m=machine shop o=oil
take out guard tower 1 then 2 then h then p then m(make sure they don't try to build another m) ten o then finally g3 and you have a 70% chance to win.

Craig Lindeman - lindeman@key.net.au

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is first build a blacksmith followed by a power station, then a beast enclosure and then an alchemy hall. After you build the blacksmith get a derrick as quick as you can. If you want to, upgrade the beast enclosure by clicking on the alchemy hall and then clicking on the beast enclosure without pressing the right button. Now get a war Mastadon and line your units from the beast enclosure down. Now the enemy will attack with an anaconda tank and a shotgunner. If you can, upgrade the beast enclosure again and your blacksmith two times and keep on geting units and upgrade your clanhall twice and get a lot of troops. After you have got heaps and heaps of guys, they attack at different times so stay alert. When they last attack gather up all of your units and troops and head north and KRUSH,KILL,N,DESTROY.

Patrick Seitz - seitz@absnet

Begin by sending your troops toward your eastern defense tower. There destroy the mini attack force they send after you. Then take either the dire wolf or the biker and send it up towards the northern side of the map. From there head west and you find a tech bunker. Take the mech and send it back to your forces and defend your base until it's finished. You should research every building and put defensive towers in the choke point. Then build about 3 giant beetles and elephants along with five groups of infantary men and head straight east. Destroy the defensive tower and krush the drill rig. Then pound the enemy base to ruin.


I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
You dont even have to build anything. You just take your dire wolf all the way up to the top of the map, there you will find a tech center (that little sort of triangle thing). Put your dire wolf right in front of it. It should open and a robot should come out. Protect him carefully. Use him to destroy the enemy base to the west.

Steven Mundy - spudney@usa.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......You send your oil tankers that you've made to their oil rig but blow up their machine gun nest and keep a war mastodon there to blow it up when they make another one.

steve guy - manley@samnet.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is in the begining get all your forces and go to the right hand corner. Fight off the first attack then send your dire wolf up the middle of the map to the plateau and go left there, there is a tech bunker there. While you do this get all the rest of your troops in their base blowing it up, get the mech from in the bunker and you should be able to take out their base without building anything.

dylan - lyle9000@aol.com

First take the wolf to the northwest cliff, while building an alchemy hall, blacksmith and powerstation. The power station should be close to the oil as possible. Have the wolf find the tech bunker, get a mech and come back. Upgrade the enclosure, and get 6 mastadons and 3 beetles. Attack with all you've got. Have mastadons run infantry over (especially flamers) and target vehicles or buildings. Watch out for your posion bubbles.

Andy Gilford - Unavailable

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... immediately destroy their drill rig. Upgrade till you can get oil tankers and build one or two of them. Next get some vandals. Sneak them in and sabotage as many buildings as possible (I prefer the Outpost and the Machine Shop). If you want get the Mech. You leave them nearly defenceless without oil because their oil rig is gone. Then just blow the hell out of everything else.

T Vegh - vegh@worldnet.att.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is, take your monster truck to the tech bunker and run over the first wave of symmetric infantry. Get the red megga man, then take your entire force and destroy the symmetric gun tower and derrik then move to the top and kill as you go. You might want to build some shotgunners to take care of the bad guys that will start to attack your base after the maniacal mayhem starts. And thats all she wrote.

killer Cheater -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... Get the bike and sidecar to the southeast kill the 4x4 and the men. If your bike survives go to the north and get the mech. Get good defences beside the clan hall, kill the hut.
Fun stuff now: get as many direwolfs as you can until your oil runs out, go to the east and attack with everything.


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