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KKnD2: Krossfire
EvolvedSurvivorsSeries 9

final against Series 9

Noah Hearle - http://ds.dial.pipex.com/hearle/

Move your two mobile buildings in the far corner. Tell them to hide south east of the building to their left. Press [F] for fight mode when the Series 9 robots turn up. Follow the road left, down and left by the river then go down into the gully, where you will find some more men waiting for you. Tell the men to destroy the bridge you passed. Destroy the electric fence of the small Series 9 base Use laser troopers to destroy tower and the tell them all to destroy the other tower. Destroy their base and set up camp. Tell most of your men to go back to the start position and down the road and destroy that bridge. This stops future attacks from the east.

Use your well-developed skill to build a massive base and knock down any more bridges you see to the south. When you have lots of fire power attack the base to the south of you. Continue to follow the roads around the huge map and destroy all you see, there will be a few other bases which can all be accessed without the need of airlifting.

Dmitry - dvinnik@intergate.bc.ca

You start with moble construction yard and oil bot. Also you have 6 or 7 men. And suddenly you getting attack from the left. You cannot defeat your enemy, so before thay get you, try to run down the rad, so they will pass by and then you emidietly follow the path that your enemy used.

You will find a electro wall on your way, and your men are to little to panetrate it. So, move down your men, and scout surrounding area, you will find more of your men, including flamers and liser men. Use them to pantrate the wall, and destroy the enemy base, while building up you own.Then the hard part begins. Quickly build up defences to your bottom first.

After your base completely unpantrateble, use fighter planes to destroy enemy base at the left bottom of the map. There is no AA guns, so nothing to be afraid of. Use this place to create second base, and atleast 2 machine shops fully upgrated. Make up the army. ( I did make about 20 Juggenuts and 40 barrege crafts, and also some artirelly. But, I made such army about 4 times before I won. AI is very smart one in here and he has powerful army aswell.....

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