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KKnD2: Krossfire
EvolvedSurvivorsSeries 9

kamikaze squad

Fernando Iglesias - sfkrpf@ciudad.com.ar

Well, you have explored and found two tech bunkers, but...where the hell are the technicians????? In jail!!!!!

First of all, donīt waste time going against their base, itīll be your end. And second, there are lots of short cuts in the camp, find the first one is the key.

Start leaving the 8 kamikazes with 1 ATV and both bikes in the start point, then go a little to east and again to north. Kill the freaks in your way. Before the first street that goes to their base, youīll find a street blocked by the dead body of a car. But... thereīs a small diagonal street to south-west, follow it with all your units! Now to west, south, west and north looking for the next shortcut. Kill everything you find (or what finds you), or you youīll have to go back at the end of the mission to kill a couple of freaks that you didnīt find now. REMEMBER: TECH UNITS CANīT GO THROUGH SHORTCUTS. To North and east youīll find the jail, with some freaks smoking around and waiting for you. First freaks, then jail. HERE ARE THE TECHNICIANS!!! And in a special offer, 8 flamers that will take care of your ass. Continue to East, find the scorpions, lunch them and go back home. Remember this: One of the streets to East (a southern one) is the "back orifice" of their base, dont try anything there, it will not function.

Once at home, go for the tech units. If you have good rythm, freaks havenīt finished building their internal defenses. Now, with the tech and the kamikazes, itīs a little chess match. Destroy the 2 shit-throwers in the southern entrance, then oil system, and...piece of cake! It took me 28 minutes, the pair is 25. Good luck, from one of Argentinaīs survivors :)

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