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KKnD2: Krossfire
EvolvedSurvivorsSeries 9

the great escape

Noah Hearle - http://ds.dial.pipex.com/hearle/

Take the captive to the safe zone in the North East, send all your re-enforcement's to protect him, not vehicles as they don't go through tunnels. Later you can move the captive and reinforcments to a dead end due West then South, it is very safe here. Build up your base in the South and then destroy the Evolved and their anti-aircraft towers (Bazooka Batteries). Only when this task has been completed will the Airlifter come and land on the hill East of your base camp. Once the Captive is on the Airlifter tell it to fly back to your base.

madbang - madbang@hotmail.com

maybe it's me but this mission is a real killer, but for those who agree there is no way of betting this mission well heres the help

ok first you have your little tech dude, at the beggining make you tech man go up and across, you should wait for the two evolved arrow dudes to pass and you follow them yes! follow them and when they turn back for their patrol route make a run for it! ok then you travel up to the ledge and wait for the other evolved arrow dudes and then make a dash into the hole ( the big black round thing it's not just a pretty sight!) well dash in until you can see him and if you can see him nither can the evolved dudes!

ok then in the tunnels you should be able to travel to the north east when you come out of the tunnel and you see a building well after you are close enough yoou should see a "reinforcements have arrived" well this is when you make your way down to the bottom corner of the map or the south west of the map

once at the bottom corner you should see a mobile base thingy well then save and setup camp near the first oil puddle you see and setup camp well after that is done make sure that you get your little tech dud out tunnels and on to the second ledge you saw (the one you stood on to see the "hole") and when you have reinforcements you make them guard the dude and be careful that you have some tanks at the edge of the ledge to take out any freaks coming your way oh and make sur that your camp is guarded since you'll get two elephants and a couple of freaks in your camp after a while and also struck early and take the path way on the left of you camp to enter the freaks base but don't be suprised that one of your tanks you sent on the way is going to get blown up since there is a worm turret at the side so send in like 4 tanks and you'll get 3 through.

destroy the beast enclosure first and take care of any pesky infantry and after you have destroy the beast enclosure it's really your choice and don't worry to much about your tech dud but make sure he stays on the ledge and all the reinforcements guard him! oh@ a good thing to get rid of is the AA turrets if you want to finish the mission quick, once the aa turrets are destroyed then find the aircraft and haul hte tech dude back to your base and you've finished the level!!!

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