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EvolvedSurvivorsSeries 9

phoenix river suicide trip

Justin Olejnik - daracer@swbell.net

Build a lot of grenadiers. After you bulid about 100 get a tech man and go to the tech bunker then go around the back of the series9 and kick thier ass!

Reffli Palandeng - irpal@hotmail.com

In this mission you begin in the southwest corner of the map, the enemy base (Series 9) located in your north protected by the surrounding cliffs. Your priority should be building Research Lab and Armoury, and immediately upgrade the two Power Stations twice so you can have more money from each load of oil, and then upgrade the Armoury twice so you able to build defence buildings. Create some ATV to protect from early attack while you upgrading, and be prepared to meet attack after attack soon after you start the mission.

Erect four Cannon Towers to provide protection at the nearest entrance of your base as soon as possible. Place at least twelve Grenadiers above your Outpost at the side of the cliffs, but still inside your base; and then block the entrance with your mobile units so that no enemy units can enter. Next build Repair Bay in the middle of your base then create a Mobile Drill Rig to build Drill Rig on the oil-spot to your west near the skeletal remains. Upgrade all your buildings until the highest tech level allowed in the mission, while keep micromanaging your troop and mobile units. Send a group of Technicians near the Cannon Tower in case they need repair, and focus on creating Grenadier for troop units.

After you have established a strong defence at the entrance of your base, you can take the initiative to attack. First create mobile radar from your constructible unit to scout the area. Forget about sending your troop or mobile units to attack from their main entrance because their base is well protected with Pod Cannons and Distance Seeders that attack from above the cliffs. Instead of using Hover Buggy, group together at least forty Grenadiers along with a group of at least five Technicians, and send them to the northern side of the map through the trees following the cliffs, where the back entrance of enemy base located. Watch for the enemy rush, if they have spotted you, retreat to your base immediately. Attack the Pod Cannons that guarding the entrance with the Grenadiers, while sneaking your Technicians across the river and move southward where you will find a Tech Bunker. Use a Technician to open it and you will get one of the 21st Century Unit: Sentinel Droid. This unit will help you a lot! Be careful with the defence at the entrance of your base while you get the Sentinel Droid, because the enemy never stops pouring their units into your base.

Use your Sentinel Droid to attack from behind enemy base and defend it at all cost. Take the advantage of long-range attack to destroy the enemy defence buildings. Also use hit-and-run tactic so you can have minimal damage if your Sentinel Droid attacked by several enemy units. Immediately send a large group of Grenadiers from behind enemy base for helping your Sentinel Droid. Try to get rid of the enemy Oilbot first, so they donít have a chance to create more units. It was located in the northwest side of their base. When youíve whittled the enemy defence buildings down, you can send your available units to eliminate the remaining forces.

Michael Horsley - f5afreedom@hotmail.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......build lots and lots of infantry and send them up through the trees so you can blow up the enemy guns.... get a technician to go with them and try to get it over the water to get the tech bunker.... then kick those series9 arse!

anonymous -

Instead of going bezerk trying to get up through the S9's base by land try building "a million" hover buggies and send them up to the entrance of the island, on which the the bunker is and kepp them there until the S9 attacks to withstand such an attack build and send a mobile drill rig to an oil tap in spot near the S9 base entrance and build several cannon towers (also keep technicians ready to repair them at any time, mainly after each attack).

when their attack has failed send all of your hover buggies (recommended about 50 buggies) to attack the base to the north east, it won't be easy at first, but once you get in they're toast. send them west when you come to an intersection it'll be heck with tanks,infantry and towers, but send them up and around to take out and replace the towers so you can shoot down, while you're at it destroy thier tanker bots, and thier oil bots and so on to cut down on the number of bullets headed your way.

from there it's a sinch. just go down and take out thier base, if you like send a technician to open the bunker and have fun with what's inside.

Justin Lanyon-Owen - qlo@powerup.com.au

1. Quickly build a research lab and upgrade your barraks.
2. Build about 4 of each of the infantry exept the mechanic.
3. Take your machines to the entrance of th s9 base along with all your infantry.
4. After the first attck comes send your infantry through the trees following the cliff to a T-junction.
5. Towers will start firing at you, take your infantry north of the junction and to the left and kill the towers then the oil supply line.
6. Meanwhile build 8 more of each infantry unit exept the mechanic.
7. Take them up to your other infantry.
8. Take your units south of there and to the right and destroy their other oil supply line.
9. Expect small attacks from s9 while in their base.
10. Then build more infantry and take them the same way behind the trees following the cliffs to the s9 base with your other infantry.
11. Destroy their buildings (preferably their unit-building buildings first).
12. Then take out their defence to the south right of their base.
13. You should now build machines and take to the front entrance of the s9 base and follow the path and destroy the other towers.
14. If you want the Sentinal droid desperatly then...
1. While your doing the other other things I told you to do, build 8 of each infantry unit but 1 mechanic and take them through the trees and destroy the 3 towers (make sure your mechanic survives).
2. Take your mechanic across the river and south to the tech bunker (do what you like with the Sentinal droid from there), and take your left over infantry to join the other infantry.

!I hope this helps!

RAHUL SHAH - enertech@bom3.vsnl.net.in

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......make some upgrades and train grenadiers. keep around 20 of them at the entrance of the enemy base every time he strikes and watch the enemy assault blown to cinders. build 4 training camps for them.just at the north-east of the entrance there is a group of trees.grenadiers can pass them! build a huge group of them above the trees. take out the three towers.piece of cake! send the teck. and open the bunker(make him pass through the trees-no danger).with the killer and gr. destroy the helpless s9.

Justin Lanyon-Owen - qlo@powerup.com.au

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
1. Build a powerplant above your barraks and a repair bay above your outpost.
2. Take your units through the gap onto the grass up north.
3. Build an oil derrick and put it on the oil to the left near the bones.
4. Build a research lab and an armoury and upgrade all your buildings (upgrade your outpost first).
4. With your Outpost upgraded build layers of walls blocking the enemy getting to your powerplant and repair bay.
5. Build 4 of the best towers you can build in between your powerplant and repare bay.
6. Keep 5 mechanics near your towers to repair them when damaged.
7. Build a whole heap of infantry (make sure there is at least 10 of each).
8. Build a couple of small radar (constructible unit) and send it up to the enemy's base as far as you can.
8. After determining when the enemy is not attcking take your infantry up near the enemy's base through the trees.
9. Use your infantry to destroy the towers.
10a. If you have any infantry left head right accross the river and south to the tach bunker and wait.
10b.If you don't have any infantry left build more than take them north finish the towers off (before they get repaired) and take them accross the river to the right, them south to the techbunker.
11.Build a mechanic and take him to the techbunker the same way and open it.
12. Take your infantry and your sentinal droid back up north to the left and wait at the left bank of the river.
13. Build heaps of infantry and take them through the trees to the others.
14. Move your infantry and sentinal droid left following the path, then towers should start shooting you. Quickly go up and left and destroy the towers.
15. Go back right and down into the enemy's base.

anonymous -

(This is from the Survivor's demo mission) There are two ways to complete this mission. Plan A) Follow your orders and build hover buggies. You'll only need about one hundred of them! Send them up the river and watch them get ripped to shreds by the Pod Launchers. OR, resort to Plan B), Send infantry through the trees just near the main entrance to the Series 9 base. The Pod Launchers still massacre them but if you have a mix, ie machine gunners, flamers and grenadiers the Pod Launchers usually only target the machine gunners/flamers, leaving the grenadiers to finish the job. If you get a technician over the river near the Pod Launchers, and head south, you'll get a nice surprise.

Joshua Jenkins - thorsarm@lcc.net

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is that you start moving the units you have to start with and move them to the entrance of the Series 9 base. Then build infinite infantry and a mechanic. Put alot of infantry to the opening of the enemy base and use about twenty infantry and a mechanic to run like the dickens to the tech bunker which is at the far right on an island. You have to cross by a land bridge to the top. But there is three towers. So run like the dickens to get past the towers.

Michael Horsley - booga32@hotmail.com

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......instead of sending up masses of the expensive hover bikes, you can send up heaps of the infantry through the trees up to the big cannons at the top,and among them you can have a technician who can cross the water to get to the Tech bunker.

I hope it works for you as it did for me

bernardo - maroarosa@pathfindermail.com

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......first of all defend yourself with 4 towers at the entrance of your base, then build up to 70 troops and go the short cut and take on the first cannon,then you should have 5 engineers have your units take on the second cannon while this is happening move your 5 engineers across the river,why i told you to take 5 instead of 1 is because if one shoud get killed as the cannon might fire on then,remenber the troops are there to take fire for the engineers to cross,now reach down to the island and get the machine inside the bunker,it should be a Mech walker it looks like a tank on metal foots,its range is enourmous it should be enough to take on the remaining turrets,then make your way up the back of the enemys base taking out all enemys from a range,move yourself to the top of the cliff and with range destroy the incoming tanks and troops and buildings.

Linzmeyer - karl.greg@sk.sympatico.ca

build and upgrade a research center. build a mobile oil rig and send it over to the oil spill behind the big bones.

build a power station just outside of the bones.

Take your beginning units and send them out onto the grass past the dark area. build two other barracks. upgrade all three barracks once.

Set your grenadiers on infinite. put the barracks on a waypoint to your beginning group so all new units will head there to defend. get 1 technician.

once you have a really big army of grenadiers, take about 30 of them with the technician and go right to the trees then up through the small forest. take out those pod cannons with the genadiers. when those are gone take the technician right across the river and get the robot in the tech bunker. take that and the remaining grenadiers and kill the towers.

when the towers are destroyed bring the rest of your army up through the main entrance and kill the rest of the base

Noah Hearle - http://ds.dial.pipex.com/hearle/

The mission briefing gives you a clue, send units which can travel on water up the river, tell them to wait just out of range from the three Pod Cannons. Send some men and a few Technicians with them, through the woods by the river, and stop them before they reach the Pod Cannons. When you have enough water units to distract the Pod Cannons for a few seconds, send the Technicians across the river and down the other side. You will find a tech bunker with enough long range fire power to annihilate Series 9.

anonymous -

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

1. upgrade research lab
2. upgrade powerstations
3. upgrade outpost
4. upgrade armoury
5. place your units just north of the outpost
6. build walls at the entrance of you base
7. build 2 cannon towers behind the wall
8. let him attack until he has no oil left
9. see to it that you build a barracks on his canyon just out of reach of turrets
10. build flamethrowers
11. attack!
12. Krush Kill 'n Destroy

Matt - mattleem@hotmail.com

instead of attacking the 3 pod cannons with hover buggies (which makes it hell of hard) attack with infantry. get them through by taking them through the trees near the series 9 main entrance. then send a engineer across the water to get the tech bunker. and the unit in the tech bunker is really good against the towers. Then after that take the back door and kick the SHIT out of them

Hiu Bao Cong - hiupeng@pc.jaring.my

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......Build about 60 Hover Buggys and send them up to the river.Destroy their Pod Canon.Get your Hover Buggys into the robot camp.Destroy their Distance Seeder and their Oilbot.Send your Hover Buggys back to base to repair.Build another 30 Hover Buggys.Go back to the place where you destroy their Oilbot.Get your Hover Buggys into their camp and destroy the defences.There is a Tech Bunker at the other side of the river.Use a technician to open it.Use the Sntinel Droid to destroy their base.
Here is a another tips......The Tech Bunker units can be repair by the "REPAIR" vehicle.

KKND MADNESS - digimon_33@yahoo.com

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......get your infantry units through some trees, destroy the pod cannons, get a mechanic to to the other island, u will find a bunker there which has a sentinel droid in it.with it

Krush Kill N Destroy!!!


Ok,first things first. Upgrade your machine shop and get 2 tankers: one for each oil rig. Then train another oil derric and deploy it at the oil patch behind the skeletal dino-like remains.build another power station at the entrence of the bones.also get another tanker for that new oil rig. Just remember: DEPLOY THE OIL DERRIC AND GET THE OIL TANKER TO THE OIL SITE FIRST!!! lest the derrick and oil tanker get stuck outside the bone and can't get in.

After that, you should have 6 tankers working hard to pump in all the oil, 2 for each oil rig. Set your anaconda tank production to infinite and move any new tanks that get cranked out to the grass patch abive the cliff,to avoid cliff attacks. If you have additional oil, you may want to bulid armories and upgrade them to get some med plasma tanks sometimes.

Then build a repair bay as near to the cliffs as possible:to make space to build your deffence towers.once done, build 4 cannon towers above the cliffs, to help hold out the attacks. Your force has to be at lease more than 35 anaconda tanks. If the stupid damn computer does not attack, send a pathetic infantry man up the trees and to their base to the back. Before you can even get close to the base, their large enormous attack party should charge their way to attack it.

The trick to winning this mission is to attack after they've attacked: while their base is vunerable. But before doing so, you also need to build lots of infantry to attack them from the back, taking down the three pod cannons first. With a few assults, you should succeed. You may also wanna crank out the buggies: they're fast in the waters.

Also, NEVER ATTACK FROM THEIR MAIN ENTRANCE!!! IT IS VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET EVEN CLOSE TO THE BASE!!!! If the infantry party finally succeeds and manages to get into the base, send in more reinforcements of buggies and infantry men. Once the lower defences are destroyed, move your entire enormous force intio the base and take down the remaining defences. Then curse your computer AI for being a pathetic opponent.

Oh,and one more thing: don't give a damn 'bout that tech bunker at the other island: it IS impossible to get a techinican there: even of ya do,ya can get the mech outta there, unless of course, it's a transport.

PS:I need help on the last sur. mission! HELP!!! ARRrgghHhhhH!!

Calvin Por Lieong Bin - calvinplb@yahoo.com

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is....build and upgrade an Armoury and Research Center. Upgrade Power Stations & Machine Shop twice,Barracks once enough,forget about the Outpost, maybe once (more than enough). Make a Mobile Drill Rig, put it on your far-left hand oil spill. Build some ATV To protect from early attack and another Oil Tanker for faster oiling. Train unlimited Grenadier-you'll need them.

After you have quite a strong army, start to make another Mobile Drill Rig. By now your Armoury should be completed upgrading. Bring your army up to the center of the field. You'll find another oil spill there, place your Mobile Drill Rig there. Build another Power Station at the center of both greens. Start building Tower (about 4 towers for maximum protection). Place ATV and Grenadier in 2 rows in front of the towers.

By now you'll have an army of Grenadier, take around 50 of them and start moving to the right of the map, you'll reach a river. Keep right, go straight until you meet a forest, walk through the forest and head up. Don't go too far(3 towers ahead), when you reach a turn, turn to the left, go straight until you find a T-junction. Fom here rush uphill to the right and then turn left to bring down the tower.Remember to have a backup army of Grenadier, follow up when you reach the tower. After the tower crush the enemy Power Station. Summon for backup of Grenadier to take out the enemy's town.

From the tower and power station, fight your way downwards. Don't go too down as there will be 8 towers guarding the main entrance (from our starting point). Take down the towers by attacking both ways. You need a lot of grenadier and NOT an sending an army of Hover Buggy upstream (as stated in the Menu's Breifing). Hover Buggy have no match for the 3 Towers waiting in front of the beach. Hope with this strategy, gamers can conquer this level.

theo ervin - bigmantheo@aol.com

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is... make a massive infantry and send them through the trees by the s9 base. Send a tech with them attack the three guard towers and cross the river get to the tech bunker and get the sentinel droid and go back across the river and go to the back of the s9 base and attack.

submit your own strategy here!