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KKnD2: Krossfire
EvolvedSurvivorsSeries 9

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Da Freaks - anarchicandy@mailexcite.com

Go and get the oil.....? WHY BOTHER!!!!!

I got a tad pissed at this one, so i thought i'd try something new. Obviously get some beasts and rioters up on that cliff - and guard the north as best you can - use the reinforcements to fight off others - there is only 3 small waves early on.
Anyhow now to tactics...... hmmm lets see.... oh yeah recycle every building other than main Clan hall, barracks & study/alchemy hall. Crazy who me? Anway quick as you can max out the alchemy and then Clan Hall. By the time the hall is upgraded, the attacks will have stopped. Now build 2 big Pig farms (1 at a time) and get ready to fend off a very nasty duel attack from those brainless toasters and their oh-so-chumy (they will not shoot each other!) pretty blue mirror gazers. Now lets talk fences. Down the eastern side of your camp (from that little hill to the north) build a fence, then do the same for the northern opening.... now double the one on the east (yep side by side) and get a little group of men to defend that fence create some rioters if you are low. Asuming you have repelled them i recomend building a forge and upgrading to get a wormgun to defend for you. You should be able to slowly build the last 2 Big Pig farms and get the gass'es flowing - literally. Use your warped freak brain to figure out the rest : But be warned you will be under occasional attack, some pretty damn BIG, including a nasty few Air strikes, so get the AA guns up and lightning rods before upgrading and building beasts - there is some easy target sights to knock down out there (were we coulda' got oil from if we wanted) so waste no time emassing and army after making your camp secure.... and then make sure your enemies camps aren't.

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