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be vewy vewy quiet...

anonymous -

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is.senk past the bots and cral men the humans. lay down the clan hall beware its one oil puddle left grab it soon or quickly your team would be puffing.upgrad the clan hall. lots you will hah a tower called the wrom.build some ok. it mite help? . buy some men and kill the bad team. but kill the next one to. and that pretty much revils it.

James Buhls - Archzealot@AOL.com

This is a difficult mission and there are many ways to win. This is my version.

When you start, all you have to do is find some oil and set up base camp so so you can "cleanse the land". Not as easy as it sounds.

Your base camp area is the top left corner or the top right corner, depending on whether or not you completely destroy the small survivor camp. Right when you start, take all of your units and assign them to a number. You may need to take care of a few seeders. After you've done that, march them one by one through the narrow pass between the house and the concrete wall. Leave your mobile clan hall where it is, well take care of it later.

After all of your units are together on the other side of the house, they should be in front of a bridge. march them north, but not too west, or else you'll stumble on to some turrets. Eventually, you'll end up at the survivors base, and you'll be being shot at by a few turrets. Take out the bottom two, or just rush all of your units into the base. There will be very few units inside. Once youre past the defenses, KILL THE TANKER! This is absolutely vital, or else they will get credits and you will have to fight more enemies.

Do not destroy the oil rig, just the refinerie and all other buildings because if you want to use this as your building site, you can save money by using their oil rig, and you won't need to build a mobile derrick. You MUST destroy this base, or you WILL lose the mission.

On the other hand, you can set up at the top west and ignore the turrets until youre ready, like I did. After you've taken care of the survivor base, move your remaing units back to your mobile clan hall. Then escort it back to your build site. The path you take your MCH through is just behind a row of buildings which are in front of a little "dock". Don't enter the dock.

Matthew Mangelsen - mangelsn@bellsouth.net

To beat be vewwy vewwy quiet all you have to do is take your starting units, then go up to the northeast and kill the survivor camp. Then go set up camp in the northwest. Build about 20 death hippos, about 20 homing bazoookoids, and a whole bunch of rioters. Then go back the way you came up and find and kill the Series 9 camp. It might take a while to find the last few units, but that shouldn't be a problem.

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