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guns of navaho

james kelsy - bkels@camtech.net.au

Well this is not so hard.all ya do is wait and and the gods will send help. use them. brak out our men.kill the emney is nothen downy way.this is little note but it will help you alot.

James Buhls - Archzealot@AOL.com

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... Be on the offensive from the very start. At first, I thought you had to be on the defense, so you could build up a big force to krush your foe, but thats wrong. What you need to do is assign all your units except for your martyrs in a group, so you can put them on a team. Then you can assign your martyrs to teams of two. Immediatly destroy the infantry coming from the top of the screen. After that, take all of your units (including a team of two martyrs) all the way to the left of the screen.

There you will find a group of enemys and a turret. Send your regular units to attack the enemies (except the turret) and your martyrs against the turret.

After you have krushed that force, call in the rest of your martyrs and the rest of your units. Send your martyrs against the turret and make a distraction with your (by now) small force. If you've done things correctly, the turret is now gone and you're just mopping up a couple responsebots or seeders. Then immediatly proceed to clean out the base.

Start with the macrounit factory and move on to the microunit factory. Then its just a matter of destroying a barn, weapons control and techno study.

Now that you've destroyed the main base, the only thing left is a couple of tankbots, turrets, infantry and the lightly guarded oil refineries. In order to get the credits you'll need, sell of all of you're turrets (kneecapper, The Worm) and make a beast pen and an oil refinery. After the beast pen is finished, cue up a mobile derrick. Once that is up, you can make a research facility and a warrior hall. Build about 3 more bull ant tankers to bring in the credits faster. Make a force of about 3 elephants, 4 scorpians, 10 berzerkers, 10 rioters and a couple of crinoids to mop up the left overs spread about on the map.

James Kelsey - bkels@camtech.net.au

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is build an oil rig and build a power plant as close as you can and then store lots of crinoids and then build a forge and it will be bad base around yours up a road. It will not be protected very much and then you'll see a hole you can blow it up so do it with your crinoids is make them go across the water destroy the bad towers then the oil tanker find some other bad men and 1 tank and then relax to the next level.

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