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I'll be your best friend

MYSTICAL TITO - Mystical_tito@hotmail.com

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is you set up your camp and if you want extra guys get 1 guy around another "friend" and pick em both you'll get more guys that way plus ya wont lose too many guys.


Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......First you move your units west just a little west and build a base. just a little more west there is a survivor base and is gaueded very well

Night-Man^ - night_man3 @hotmail.com

First off you take every guy & send them down to the cliff area. Close to the enemies base (close to the rock formation). Then you take the derrick and you put it on the top oil place.(close to the top of the map not the bottom one yet) then you set your clan hall to the south near the fork in the road. When you get that down build your power plant under your derrick. Then build your forge & your alchemy hall. Upgrade hall then. Build a beast enclosure.

If you ran out of oil don't worry your guy will defend until you get a def whic is next. Then build your warrior hall twards the bottom. after that is done you will want to put up a D(defence) now. After you got one or two kneecappers at the bottom. Then build more power plants,then sell them.also build another moble derrick for the other oil patch (easy way to get tankers because you can't make them). Upgrade all your builings & make guys. Not even 10 of each guy is needed if you attack from the bottom.

NOTE: (you should have two tankers for every derrick & one power plant for every two tankers) oil faster that way.

nicholas boey - nicholasboey@mailexite.com

Go onto the top of the screen in new missions then go up the hill and follow the left lane till you find the bunker and go on with the mission.

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