KKND - Krush Kill N Destroy

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Steve Fulton - FULTONST@Mattel.com

I have garnered some general tips to help either side with KKND.

Enemy units (either side) will attempt to detsroy your units first, if they are in their path, and not your buildings. You can use this to your advantage. If you are being repeatedly attacked by waves of "freaks" or "symetrics", build a couple guard towers, and place your units in-between and around them. Train a few mechaincs as well, to repair the guard towers. Be sure to NOT spread your units too thin. A front of 5 units is about the best way to maximize firepower. If possible, create a line of 5 machine-gun units(vehicles) for your first-line, and a line of "tanks/scorpions/elephants" behind them as artillery.

Your "kill-zone" ,with the guard towers, should now be about "6 vehicle lengths" in front of you. Enemy units will enter the zone ,and be shot at by the guard towers, weakned by the maching-gun vehicles, and finished off by the tanks. You will have to replace your vehicles often, but theis method keeps your casualties down, and is much more effective than a full-engage attack.


Overall, my personal review is pretty good - very tough though. From about level 7 and on the difficulty level is very high. Can't wait to see some tips from other gamers.

My tips so far:

1) There is a 'key' to most maps - in other words there is usually one weak spot in the enemy defense, go after it fast!

2) Always look around for bunkers with secret weapons - note the enemy will go after them too, so again get out there quickly.

3) Some missions (eg. convoy) are much easier if you group units well and assign them to hotkeys.

4) Make good use of missle batteries. They are very useful when used in groups (awesome firepower), just remember to protect them well. Please feel free to post any of the above.

Daniel Forsberg - falukropp@hotmail.com

If nothing works restart building 2 power centers and unlimited SWATs or riflemen. Then send them plus an additional Roadkill truck and anything that mangles infantry cause if you encounter grenadiers you're toast for a suicidal raid against their oil rig.

Don't leave your truck trying to perforate the enemy just run over them.

Only works in the earlier missions I guess...

Joe Lin - hjl4@cornell.edu

The Evolved have kind of crappy vehicles compared to the Survivors. Of them all only a couple are worth the bother in producing in any number. Here's a breakdown from someone who's actually played with them not just programmed them.

Wolf Rider - the premier choice for scouting. Fast and agile but it is pointless in combat. Good for raid ing a rear area and getting the units guarding the enemy base to chase it for a distraction.

The Gun Bike - Good for chasing down the odd infantry especially that annoying sniper but not for much else.

Monster Truck - this is the premier raider infantry killer. Fairly fast and a fairly good weapon this is the unit you use to block the way to your more valuable units. Also useful in groups to raid the oil rigs.

Scorpion - your basic standard vehicle. Medium in every regard. If you can't afford better this is it. Preferably you would use guard towers for base defense.

War Mastodon - Best used in large numbers to make up for the low fire rate. You want to use them in large numbers to kill in one shot. I suggest double line of 4-8 units.

Giant Beetle - The BEST all around unit that Evolved has. Good range and large spread. This is the best anti-infantry weapon in ANYONE's arsenal. Always mix a few of these with the guard towers to provide close-in protection against infantry.

Missle Crab - Nice unit except for its size. It takes a lot of room for this sucker to manuever into place and for the same money I'd go with bazookas. But since the enemy has a stupid habit of coming closer to your defenses than is strictly necessary place your Crabs a bit farther back so your other units can be closer to the action.

David Luling

When Encountered with a large group of enemys send a dirt bike or dire wolf
towards the group of enemys and bring it within fireing range of the enemy then bring the dirt bike/dire wolf toward a group of your own killers. The enemy will only fire at the dirt bike/dire wolf while your army will devestate the enemy trying to harm your dirt bike/dire wolf

Players Reality-X - paul@reality-x.co.uk

A fair few of us here have come up wiht a few suggestions for multiplayer games!

1) Upgrade your two main buildings like mad as soon as you start. The faster you upgrade the quicked you can get the uppper hand.

2) Build your best units as quickly as possibly and group them into platoons and make a apth of attack.

3) Make sure you got airstrike as soon as possible!

4) dont airstrike buildings they are too strong, airstrike big groups of your opponents units instead this can give you the upper hand before an attack as an airstrike will wipe most of them out.

5) Keep the pressure on your opponant all throught the game i.e attack often and frequently, this can confuse them and use up thier resources quicker..

MORE to come soon


Ben Harberts - CLASSIFIED

When you have a good map with paths, canyons, forests, build your kamp at the end of a path making a sniping point like this:
] [

Put your slow tuff Shooties on the edge of the path, and have your tuff Klosies set at the end of the path in front of your base. Da enemy approaches...BANG, BANG, BANG. Send your Klosies to Klean 'em up.

Jeff Soo - kcar@lynx.bc.ca

First of all you need to establish your machine factory then a few power stations which should be placed as close to the oil deposits as possible. Then secondondly take almost all of your available units and attack their oil rig or any small base they have always make sure you have enough units to do this first though,if you can successfully do that the odds will definitely be in your favor.

CComeOn - ccomeon@hotmail.com

Well, Both the Survivor & Evolved Introductory Mission is easy to handle even you haven't played any strategic games before! If you are good in handling the troops in C&C or Warcraft II, I can say that you are able complete the first 3 missions.

For both Introductory Mission, the only thing you have to do is to clear the stage, i.e. destroy all enemies you see. Then you will see the very cool "Mission Complete" Box!!

Evolved Player attention : Don't be scared by your leader's face!!


Andrew Dowell - s9708937@huntsman.cse.rmit.edu.au

I find if you run over the infantary instead of shooting them it is quicker and you generally don't take as much damage.

Stephen Spiteri - Cassanova@rocketmail.com

Before you do anything, move the troops you have and divide them into two groups, each group will defend the two entries the evolved come in from. Build your extra building and then put all your money towards making S.W.A.t units. When you think you/ve made enough, spread them out evenly around the two entries of which the evolved enter to attack you!

Trust me this works, any unit that comes in to attack will die in no longer than five seconds.


Gevin Choo - choocj@pacific.net.sg

Try to maintain your defence well enough till you can upgrade your facilites and try to launch an massive attack once only and that attack must at least succed in a damage up to 75%, if not... restart your mission.

Jonathan Benning - KRUMM@onaustralia.com.au

When building armies it is a good idea to get several types of units such as flame thrower infantry or Swat in with your larger units as smaller infantry are harder to pick off and will increase your ability to 'Krush Kill N Destroy'.

Michael Zahra - mzahra@tpgi.com.au

Flamer men are great. A group of 7 -10 will destroy most buildings in less then 5 seconds. If you can back them up with a few big vehicles to draw thier fire they will wipe out just about anything.

Jan van Hensbergen - hensberg@pnc.com.au

Well what I do is make a really good defense, so the enemy can't blow up your base, and defend my tankers. Then I just get plenty of resources, and then build an unstopable army of say.....40 anaconda tanks, or 50 giant scorpions, or even in the later missions 30 autocannon tanks.

Mark Osborne - 100243,213@compuserve.com

When protecting your base or blowing the CPU'S to smitherines, do not use one type of unit. Use a variety, ranging from small infantry, to larger vehicles. This is because it gives you a range of shooting times (fast, slow, etc..) and means that the computer cannot get flamers and such like up close. Plus, the small infantry help defend your big military because the computer wants to get rid of them first. This lets you use your big guns more effectively.

Nate Ginter - eternity4@hotmail.com

My strategy will destroy any army of tanks here it iz,...

Take 15 troops and stand them in between the cracks of abndon buildings that are in a row, Next place heavy artillery neer tham(spread out but not to spread out!) then take a small force and attack the enemy and run away,.. he will thinks he can easily beat you and when you leed him back too the ambush take more tanks and seal off where he came in and BAM! you have him encircled!

This takes some money and units but it works like a charm!


Paul S - acid@alphalink.com.au

Be sure to make a number of technitions in case u r attacked, also instead of maikng a lot of vehicles at the start of a level you will do better saving your money for making your base, and instead make a large amount of basic troops such as shot gun guys or swat team, a lot of flamers are also very affective. Be sure to make one or two large vehicles to mow down enemy troops.

If u come across any enemy oil rigs don't destroy them, it is cheaper to take them over and use them yourself, so that the enemy doesn't attack them and if the enemy send up some tankers u can take them out easily and up-grade your troops in the process.


David Chapman - n2127903@student.fit.qut.edu.au

When playing any level the computer always builds up its forces and leaves them all in a large group (usually outside machine shop or equivalent evolved buildings). When the time comes for them to attack they all rush toward you. This means that for perimeter defense towers are usually the only obstacle. If you attack a tower a long way away from their unit group most of the time they will not send reinforcements, or if they do they will take some time to get there.

In many levels the towers are protecting oil supplies so if you can slow down the computers money supply attacks will be less frequent.

The most important thing about towers is that they can be taken out quickly and efficiently (with minimal damage to your own unit) my using flame ATV's. A group of 6 to any where with towers will often be able to take out 3 or 4 of the best enemy towers. Flamers or pyro's also work very effectively but get killed quicker. If you do use men don't have them grouped together as they will all get killed instead of one at a time.

If you send a unit exploring into the enemy base all units will engage that unit in battle and often continues to send those units to attack your base. So if you are finding that large attacks are causing you problems try sending a trike or a fast unit into their base occasionly so the attacks are smaller but more frequent.


Ronjohn Ayers - tech.support@metro-online.com

Especially in the earlier levels, a great way to survive is to do the following:

Get a high amount of RU flowing, once the RU is moving, you are nearly unstoppable. Then start building an army usually of monster trucks and scorpions. Arrange them in lines, or in U-like formations sot that they may flank attackers. Normally the enemy attacks first, and then continually attacks. Learn to time these attacks. As your army gets bigger, and fends off these attacks faster, finally make the move to attack RIGHT AFTER the other team attacks. They will usually only have towers, and a few infantry left to defend.


Danu Poyner - t.poyner@qut.edu.au

Have you ever found that you go out into battle and get horibly krushed!?! And then the bastards come and attack your base while your forces are down? If this is you then listen up....

Get your oil sorted out, a rig couple of tankers should do it, and set any troops or vehicles you want stocked up to nine or even infinite so while you're off in battle, your forces keep churning out!


ALEX Bone - 95abone@worth.org.uk

At the begining of any mission you build your building which constructs other buildings right at the back so not to get destroyed straight away when an enermy attacks. you then place power and other things you don't need to get to easily at the back to. You then build the building which make the creaters and men at the front of your base so that you can us them straight away if an attack happens and don't spend lots of time bringing them through your base.This is the order I have them in first at the back of the base.

construction yard

power plants (remember build lots of these because you could run out)

other less important things (e.g.: radar)

oil factories

buildings which build creatures and men

repair places

defence systems

space me and creatures or machines


Logan Kunz - kunz@ccia.com

If you find yourself running out of oil, you can steal it from the enemy. Simply send your tankers to an enemy derrick as you would with your own derrick. As an added bonus, the enemy will never attack this derrick, and as long as they leave your tankers alone you have a free source of oil!

Peter Anderson - anders79@mail.idt.net

Cheap guys are actually a good thing even though that they kinda are slow in shootin or are weak, when they are in big packs they knock out just about anything. So what you do is build as many cheap guys as you want I Prefer the Giant Scorpions, so what if they arent that cheap they're good! put them in a group surrounding the entrances to your base so it gives u time to build and upgrade. Every once and a while have a guy (fast one) do some searching. Then when you wind the bad guys attack in two differsnt places it makes them mad and frustrated.

Dan Beeston - abeeston@rivernet.com.au

Put your shotgunners/swats/snipers/crazy harry's on continually build and put these guys infront of your heavy defence eg turrets and tanks. This way the computer will attack the closest units, which will be the men and when you have Snipers or Crazy Harry's then their attacks are left powerless while your more expensive units are finishing them off from behind. Its a kewl Tactik, and it worked extremley well for me on the last five levels.

Will Jenkins - will@myself.com
This only really works for the Survivors. When starting a mission, upgrade your machine shop as far as it will go. Build three oil tankers first, then churn out Anacondas. Arrange them in lines at the point where the enemy attack, but beyond that don't control them. When they enemy rush in, your tanks will all fire at them and it becomes a shooting gallery. You have to make sure tanks don't rush ahead and get into the fray, because that gets them killed. I have no idea why this works better than just getting a mass of tanks together, but arranging them in lines increases your kills while decreasing theirs. If you can build barrage craft, have a line of them behind your tanks as they can provide masses of support fire. If you have the autocannon tank, use Anacondas at first and then, when you're dug in, replace them with autocannons - but make sure you ARE dug in, because if you try it too soon you find they run all over you. Have a fully upgraded repair bay nearby so you can peel them off the lines and repair them quickly between attacks. Prioritise: save your veterans first. Don't be tempted to select all your tanks and kill a target, the line deforms and you die. To do any of the above, though, you need CASH so make sure you've got plenty coming in and make sure your stupid tankers aren't running into each other etc. The good thing about this strategy is it's automatic, you can leave your guys to get on with it while you control everything else.

Will Jenkins - will@myself.com

This is for the evolved and it only works on some missions - sometimes the enemy is stupid, sometimes he isn't. If your defense force is being severely hampered and you can't really afford many more casualties, build a beast enclosure right in the path of the oncoming attacks. Chances are that they'll go for that instead of your troops - even after you start attacking them. Have a mekanik standing by to repair it in case of near-death experiences.

Ken Walsh - icu2@webspan.net

Any mission where you have a base do the following.

1. Build at least two power plants this will keep the money roling in fast.

2. Build men and trucks put the men before the trucks or scorpions etc... When the AI attacks it ALWAYS hits the first thing it finds. While it is hitting your little men with all it has your big guns are pounding the $#$# out of it. By the time its over you will have lost 5 men and the A.I. all their big guns.

3. Keep the supply of expendeable men going.

4. Once you build power plants and a nice attack force scout out where the enemy's oil rig is. The next time they attack send a attack against their oil rig. and take it out, dont give them time to build new one if you can attack base and target power plants NO MONEY NO ENEMY IT WILL WORK ALL THE TIME.

5. Always save the game before you attack or when you have a big force.

A good way to take out towers is to attack with 5 flame throwers and 2 trucks. Send the trucks in first to distract the towers then have the flame throwers waste it. Works all the time..


Chris Ferrie - rferrie@ciaccess.com

Alright, this what you do if you max tech is 1 to 4:

- Build as many Shotgunners/SWAT's as you can!

If you max tech is 5;

- Build as many Snipers/Crazy Harrys as you can!

Tough huh?


Will Jenkins - will@myself.com Strategy Winner Week 4

You don't need to shoot the enemy to become a veteran. No, you see, you can shoot your own troops using the ALT key, and this counts as 'veteran points'. This is limited in its uses, but on missions where you're under no pressure to build a base or anything, like Exterminate the Village, you can veteran all your troops before going in. And in missions where your supply line is behind your defenses, you can shoot at your oil tankers, safe in the knowledge that they're tough and that if the enemy can shoot at them, you're probably in big trouble anyway. Only use other troops as target practise, because you can make them veterans so they heal themselves. It takes a little while to devise a 'rota', but once you have one you can upgrade everyone to vet status without even seeing the enemy.

Richard Pearce - evil@ihug.co.nz


KKND is one of the few games I have played were troops are actually more than just cannon fodder.

Flamers do massive damage to buildings and vehicles. Sneak 4-5 of these guys into the back of the enemy's base and you can hurt him bad.

Snipers are the best unit in the game. They only cost 200 and in a group they destroy just about anything (keep them away from bombardier beetles).

If you play evolved then crazy harrys are the way to go. Like snipers, in a group they rock! (keep them away from barrage craft).

Riflemen, shotgunners and swat are all good in groups (mainly in earlier missions) and should not be over-looked in favour of vehicles.

If your having trouble with a mission think about buying a group of troops, if nothing else they look good when they go SPLAT!


Jeff Lee - Scope JA

I think this will be the most important strategy. Whenever enemy units are headed towards you they will always go for one certain unit. So the advatage here is that when you see the enemy focusing on the one unit make it retreat and the computer will go after it. Place about 7 units by both sides and the computer will be to busy chasing your one unit and this will give you a chance to destroy the enemy before he can fire back, don't command your troops to react just let them fire.

Tobias Alfredsson - JR@swipnet.se

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is... build as many berserks and shotgunnersas you can... and then KILL,KRUSH N DESTROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Roth - roth4fun@aol.com

The most important thing you can do when you have time between battles is to group your armies. I usually break my resources into two armies and break those armies into 2 or 3 parts. A good way to assign and remember them is to assign each army starting from oppossite ends of the keyboard. Army A can start from 1-5 and army B can be 0-6.

The AI in this game is great and if an attacking party sees a large, concentrated army it will attempt to outsmart you in it's approach or it will U-turn back to its base. Breaking the front line into two parts seem to help since you leave an opening in the middle as the front door. Keep some fast guys (bikes/wolves) in the middle a little ways back to fill the hole when the enemy arrives.

Flanking attacks will always prove helpful. I keep a couple Monster Trucks or ATVs just outside the battleground. When the enemy arrives I have these guys swing in and crush all the infantry. Nothing beats having some Sappers/Grenaders come in from the rear.

If you are coming up short on money Sabatoers are a good investment. First click on the enemy building to see how many men it will take and create one more than the indicated occupants. Send in a cheap infantry unit to draw away any enemies or fire from forts and send in all the required Sabatoers one at a time to blow up the building and provide you with much needed resources. On average this will cost you 375 units to execute and will provide you $1000 in return.


Chris Conley - The Krick@Aol.Com

Always protect your strongest units. Send in an ATV or a Monster Truck in first then the tanks or beasts.

Nathan Butler - n1.butler@student.qut.edu.au

In a multi game have at least 5 oil riggs with two trucks on each

Make minimal defences and upgrade your buildings as quickly as possible. This may be risky but if it pays off you will have barrage tanks and autocannons while your enemy still has crappy little flame tanks (or equivalent). Don't try this against a person who is known for quick attacking as basically you will get your ass whipped.


Doug Chambers - dochambers@packer.edu

The survivors' Autocannon Tank isn't especially effective in large battles, and are relativly hard to manuver into good defensive position. Barrage Craft, on the other hand are exceedingly good for standing defensive fortifications, the missiles they fire are inacurate enough that they can take out massed groups of infantry without any trouble.

Survivor tactics depend on effecient use of fire. Flamethrower infantry can eliminate almost any other unit quickly, if they had a longer range, they would be devestating. Flame ATVs are also usefull, and although they have a disturbing habit of getting as close as possible to their target, which sometimes gets them into problems.


Paul S - acid@alphalink.com.au

Whichever team you are playing the best strategy for most missions is that after your have set up your defence for a level to build five to six Dirt Bikes or Dire Wolf's, and to scout out the entire level and locate the enemies oil rigs, and if u r lucky to find the tech Bunkers. Once your have located the enemy oil rigs either use your Dirt Bikes or Dire Wolves to run past the turrets guarding them and attacking the rig from a distance where the turrets cannot reach you due to the range they can fire.

If the oil rig is located close to your base it is possible to take over the oil rig and use it with your oil trucks, this not only saves your from making a Derrick but also gives you a chance to up-grade your troops when they send there oil trucks as they can be easy targets.


Matt Nevins - nev44@the.express-news.net

Concerning oil. For both sides, the first thing you should do is focus on oil. Research the blacksmith/machine shop as soon as possible. Also, try not to place power stations right on top of oil derricks as this will slow down or even stop oil production. (oil trucks will have a face-off for entering/leaving the derrick area. Put some space between your power station and your derrick and put 3 (4 or 5 depending on distance) trucks on each oil spot. With this oil pumping in you'll have plenty to spend by the time you get those heavy towers reasearched.

Concerning defense. Building heavy towers is the best, although costly, way to defend your position. For a large front, put up a maximum of 3 towers. So if you have 2 fronts, you will have used 6 towers and have 2 left to put by that oil patch you thought you'd never use. Also, if the opportunity to take an oil patch near a bridge comes up, you should do this as soon as possible. (Defending a bridge is easy, attacking is hard) Make about 5 repair guys for each tower to make sure that you don't have to blow all of your money (again). The other key to defense is infantry, which are cheap and heal themselves. Put these guys all around (not in front of) your towers and watch your enemy disappear.

Attacking. Attacking is far less complex than defending. Be sure you have plenty of units and don't remove your infantry from around your towers. Attacks work well in this order- 1.towers 2.units 3.oil 4.outpost/clan hall 5.other buildings Also, for multiplayer, don't bother chasing down enemy units that go to attack your base. Your enemy is stupid for doing this (A.I. never does) because the game ends when all buildings AND units of one side are destroyed.


Amit Khanna - khannaa@georgetown.edu

A good way to take out enemy oil rigs is to send a small group of wolves into his camp early on. If you position them so they are on the far side of one of the oil rigs a lot of the time the enemy won't attack them. They are also able to run right by some of the towers ect. because of there speed. The only drawback is that unless you have a large group of wolves, it will take a long time to destroy the rig. Therefore you should start this as soon as possible. After the rig is destroyed, park a wolf on the oil patch. A lot of times this will keep the enemy from rebuilding the rig and you can kill any that come your way at you leisure.

Jan van Hensbergen - hensberg@pnc.com.au

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......you hold back, and don't attack, you have to make a really good defense , then you build up a huge force (like say, 50 anconda tanks, or maybe 30 or 40 autocannon tanks). you can even do it when you haven't got much technology, like 100 atv's. The important thing to do is keep them in as much of a group as you can, otherwise they will be picked of one by one. With this strategy I have done all the missions, so it works for me, There is always safety in numbers.

Geoff Borts - borts@ix.netcom.com

Getting off to a good start...

Build your Outpost / Clan Hall as soon as possible in a clear area with plenty of room for other buildings. Oil / power production is critical, so build 3 pairs quickly. Cluster your Machine Shop / Blacksmith and other buildings nearby so they can be more easily defended. Now, build 1 or 2 Research Labs / Alchemy Halls and use them to upgrade your buildings. Remember to do research on the same building several times to bring it up to the maximum tech level. Once you have become "smarter", build a few defensive towers around your camp, especially next to your oil rigs and power stations. If money is low, don't waste it on the high-end towers, the mid-level ones can do a great job. Remember to repair your towers at regular intervals.

While all that is going on, scout out the enemy camp with your Dirt Bike / Dire Wolf. Try to stay hidden and not engage the enemy at this time. Once the camp is found, circuit the area for weaknesses and then return home avoiding the enemy.

Use your own judgement on building infantry and vehicles / animals. Experience will teach you the most effective combinations for defending the camp and sending raiding parties. Enemy power production is critical, so you might want to target these areas first. Don't forget the talents of your Saboteur / Vandal. Sometimes sneaking them into a raiding party will destroy a building more quickly than by using firepower alone.

One more tip. Try building a remote secret base somewhere behind the enemy camp. While they are hammering away at the main camp, you can be producing Resource Units and additional firepower to be used for your final killing stroke!!!


Jerry Leow - jerry78@mbox2.singnet.com.sg

Build at least two power stations and four oil trucks to keep your money going fast. Try not to build infinite vehicles or man power. Build your amry strong before you attack and if they attack first, a counterattack is alway at your upperhand. Group your troops as group 1 etc.. to ease your commanding.

Trent Hawkins - joe@octopi.com

One neat little thing to do is build tons of troopers around your larger machines/animals. This drives me nuts (when the computer does it) because your smaller troops are harder to hit in groups. A lot of times the computer focuses on smaller troops, allowing bigger ones to finish 'em off.

Another fun thing to do is have your little guys attack your derrick. Only when it's still mobile, though. They won't learn anything from attacking a 'planted' derrick. Once the derrick is almost dead, plant it and send in a Mekinik or a Technican. The little guys should have red lining which makes them heal themselves.


Sam Verner - Fett@hunterlink.net.au

As a general KKnD rule, there is a weak chink in the opposition's armour in most missions, especially the base building ones. This achillies heel usually comes in the form of a relatively unguarded oil rig. When using the Take and Hold strategy, you can slow opposition production down enough so that strikes come much less frequently.

Sam Verner - Fett@hunterlink.net.au

Always explore the map to the best you can. Some levels, like Survivors 7 & 9, have Tech Bunkers, which either include a kickass robot, or some RUs to help the war effort. Regarding the robots, these juggernaughts can take alot of punishment, and only require 3 or 4 attacks to destroy most things,

Eric Gowans - mejj5678@telusplanet.net

Defensive Structures (Towers) are a must for base defence, especially in later levels. But towers are expensive and sometimes your technician's (Mekanik) can't fix them as fast as the enemy can destroy them. It was because of this that I came up with the following strategy.

The only way to stop your towers from being destroyed is to give the enemy another target. Vehicles, Animals, and infantry work but it can get costly replacing them. The Outpost (Clan Hall) is the best tool for doing this because it has the most life out of all the buildings. What you do is build a second outpost in the area that the enemy attacks most at. Then you build your towers around the outpost in such a way that there in range of the enemies that will attack the outpost but that the outpost is still the first thing your enemies will see and therefore attack.

By using this strategy the only expense in defending your base is that of the technicians that repair your outpost.


Robin Toll - RTOLL@IBM.NET

Oil is your lifeblood as well as the planet's, and as well as your enemy's. Keep it for yourself, and deny it to them... The planet's already screwed anyway, so don't worry about that fighting back. :)

Robin Toll - RTOLL@IBM.NET

Important thing to remember: Lots of things can kill infantry, but not quite all of them actually have weapons. Besides the obvious (maching guns, autocannon, shotguns, acid, explosions, etcetera...), why not try wheels? Tires and infantry don't mix. A single ATV - of any kind - can kill a large group of infantry faster than anything else, by the simple expedient of running them over.

This also holds true of tankers. If you're REALLY strapped for units, send your tanker on a slight detour and play dodge'em with the enemy grunts. 5 points for a berserker, 10 for a SWAT... Just remember that your tankers have better things to be doing than playing steam roller, like hauling oil to build ATVs, so THEY can play steam roller.


Elbert Cendana - elbert@dnet.net.id

1. When you are attacking your enemy's base, be sure to take out their power stations first, because that'll prevent them to built another units or buildings.

2. When you are trying to attack guardtowers, be sure to put the heaviest armor vehicles you got in front line that'll make them attack that unit, so the other units can freely attack.

3. If you got a lot of Resources, be sure to create at least 2 teams and spread, when you find your enemy base, be sure to attack the enemy from front and behind, that'll confuse the enemy.

4. When you start a level with a base / mobile outpost. be sure to scout arround, and put some units in the entries, or put some guard towers.


Shaquille Smith - Shaq@magic.com

Never shoot up your own base, never kill your own men, don't talk to strangers and never buy shoes at Myer.

Forrest Holt - deicide@phoenix.net

I have found one really good way to greatly weaken your oponent is to take a group of about 6-10 moderately powered units such as mamoths or anaconda tanks and put them in the path of your enemies tankers and leave them there, between the oil and the tanker's destination, they will defend themselves nicely and cut his money supply off quickly.

Elbert Cendana Kurnianta - elbert@dnet.net.id

- When yer gonna attack an enemy try to destroy all their oil rigs and power stations first, this will prevent them from building units or structures - it spells doom for enemy.

Got a lot of resources? Well if ya do try to make a group of 2 or more heavy vehicles and saboteurs. Try to find another way to get in the enemy base and attack from both sides, try to force the strong armored fellows to the front line while trying to sneak saboteurs inside their buildings (especially power stations).

Guardtowers: they suck, don't they? Well, here's a tip, force one of your heaviest armored vehicle to attack the guard tower, then when the guard tower attacks the unit, quickly order the rest of the gang to blast the tower. This will make your casualities less, save money, save lives, save time.

Sometimes (not always) many infantrymen do more damage more than a few vehicles.

If ya play a lot, sometimes, you'll find that when ya put your power station near your oil rig, the oil tanks will get stuck. To prevent this, try to build your power station far from the oil rig, and build many oil tanks.

That's all for this week addition, I'll give more when I find more, see ya !!!


Mark Dittrich - bdittrich@acenet.co.za

In any mission that has you with a base and the enemy with an even bigger base, the first thing you gotta do is build up defences. I like to do this by producing hordes of S.W.A.T guys because they are not so expensive and also very effective in large groups. Once you've got a few hundred of them and are defending well, its time to make more powerstations and start bringing in large (very large) amounts of oil. Then finally, produce millions of A.T.V's and send them in in little groups to Krush Kill 'n Destroy the enemy and go to the next mission !!

Diogenis Pahakis - diogenis@usa.net

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is MAKE SWAT MEN, MAKE SWAT MEN, MAKE SWAT MEN, MAKE SWAT MEN, MAKE SWAT MEN, MAKE SWAT MEN and ATVs. It works on the first 5 missions.

Bob Mac - bob_mac@hotmail.com

Build tons of swat and atv! The atv can prevent the swats from getting squashed. Also, concentrate fire on one enemy at a time! It works for me!

George Wolf - gnw3@telerama.lm.com

This a strategy I used in Command and Conquer, and it works pretty well here. Save before doing this, though. After I use the autobuilder to get some Shotgunners/SWAT troops ready, usual 20 or 25 of those 5-unit groups, I position them so that the weaker units are toward the back and the heavy armour is in the front. Then, whenever I begin to charge the enemy base, I take one or two of the oil tankers along with me. In the general chaos, tankers are usually left alone, and will run over enemy units like tanks do. This way you can keep the soldiers alive long enough to get into the base and take out some buldings, and if you have a high enough tech level, can build more tankers to run down the enemy.

Peter T - ind58936@internet.dk

Having finally completed the game with the survivors, i feel in a position to give a few tips:

First of all, forget everything you learned in C&C/RA/War2 etc, because this game is different:
1.Got yourself a nice defense, and want to stop producing for now? Well forget it! You defense is never tough enough, build MORE!
2. Infantry doesnt suck
3. Insanely offensive manuovers can be the solution. Stuck? Try going right after the enemies best oil supply!

First of, start the mission and explore the map, find the good spots, then RESTART the mission, so you wont waste time looking for good oil spots.
Forget about vehicles, infantry is the easiest way to go.
If you can research Sniper then DO it! - dont spend any resources on anything but this and the essentials, then put the Sniper on unlimited production, if you cant build them fast enough, simpky use SWAT's & Flamers as a buffer to take the damage. A line of snipers can take out ANYTHING!

Good formation:(Group them seperately)

..Mix Snipers/SWATS.....Flamers.........mix of Snipers/SWATS

When you feel that the enemy is being easily repelled, build 50% extra snipers, and start going after the autocannon tank if you can, or else the Anaconda. This put me easily through the final levels in KKND.

Should you find yourself stuck in the earlier missions, try to rely heavily upon SWATs and Flamers, and use Flame ATVs("Go anywhere, kill anything":) to run over enemy infantry.

Flamethrowers can do LOTS of damage, but dont use them with bad accuracy/area damage stuff like bazookas/lots of tanks/baragecraft, or youll soon have no flamers left!

PS. Remember the capital rule : No freakers on the beach!


Costas Vlassis - lonewolf@compulink.gr

Just keep in mind, when you are attacked by large enemy infantry forces you can use the ATV and the other large vehicles to step over them and thus getting rid of them with almost no damage, but you have to move FAST before any other large unit comes (eg scorpion) and wipes you!

Robert Bissonnette - upnorth@cnwl.igs.net

Multiplayer gamers:

I got this really kool Strategy, for Survivors. First... try to build 4 power stations and upgrade every thing you can (except the repair bay). Then, build at least 5 oil tankers, but I usually build ten. After you have over 2000 resources, go into your infantry column and click on SNIPERS untill it has an infinity sign instead of a number. Only 5 can kill almost an entire base, but that's if your opponent is not armed well. If your opponent is a War Machine, build about 20, or even 50! They can destroy anything in almost 5 seconds! And since there are so many of them, the opponent must kill them one by one! By the time they try, they are already dead! Simple as that!


Andrew West - awest@globalnet.co.uk

The best way to win the level is let your base do the killing not your units or vehicles. If you have a well positioned base, you can plant defneces all over you base but please remember to have a variety of defences not the same one, because certian defences work better with certian types of enemies, i.e machine gun nest against against militery men. Hide your vehicles in the centre of your base so they don't get damaged, then once you have killed all of the enemys troops and vehicles make the attack on their base. This method works best on the later levels (5 and up). Well there is my tip, it worked for me and i hope it will work for you.

Oh also have a variety of vehicles and men, don't use a group of units that are the same. Having a group of anaconda tanks isn't the best option of taking out the enemy, have also flame tanks and machine gun tanks.

Thanks a lot For reading this.
Andrew West

P.S Thanks for sending me a copy of KKND (it's a really kool game)


Andrew Brannan - brannaac@email.uc.edu

In multiplayer games, you can use the wonderfully drawn terrains to your advantage... In under bridges, natural or otherwise, and behind buildings, there are pockets where units can stand, but not be seen from a general map view. Hide several small units (infantry works best, but can be larger units depending on the size of the terrain you're hiding behind) in these pockets. Also units that have "invisible fire" like shotguns, machine guns, anything that doesn't give away your position on the map. This can buy you a few crucial extra shots as your opponent tries to figure out where the fire is coming from. Also, some terrain prevents your infantry from being run over by larger vehicles. With luck, your enemy will walk right past your units without realizing you have units there. This tactic can be used in several ways.

1) The "Undefended base" trick:
The opponent will rush into a base that looks "undefended", and finds himself swarmed with units that are completely unexpected, while a main force comes out of hiding near the base to cut off any escape. WARNING: This tactic may be hazardous to your buildings.

2) "Waylayed and Wasted"
Your opponent sees a small group of your units near some terrain, and rushes in to attack. As he passses your hidden units, they spring in from behind, thus cutting off escape possibilities while your force overwhelms the opponent.

3) "The Gauntlet"
In games where the bases have a fair amount of terrain between you and your opponent, several small ambush sites can be set-up to pick off straggling units ina main force attack. Your opponent will focus on getting the faster units to the battle first, leaving smaller, slower units (like infantry) to lag behind, usually just expecting them to catch up "sometime". Especially effective if you can hide a monster truck or some other fast infantry squashing unit unseen.

These tactics are a great way to play mind games with your opponent, and can frustrate opponents into making a critical mistake as they try to cope with unexpected guerilla raids you have laid out as traps.


Dave Strasburg - lou@itsnet.com

Well I have this really awesome strategy, you see, what you do is......build seven towers around the area the enemy attacks most (the other is put where they sometimes attack). Build ten or so technicians or mekanics and put them by the towers. They are used to repair the broken towers. The towers will buy you time while you amass a huge army of thirty or so of the best kind of thing you can build (excluding guys). When your ready to attack the enemy can't do much but sit there and hope he deosn't smeg his pants.

PS. KKND RULES!!! Way better than C&C or RedAlert or Warcraft or etc....


Charlie Seljos - azathoth@obscure.org Strategy Winner Week 3

Charlie's Dirty Tricks for KKnD, part I.

1.) There is nothing quite as satisfying as crushing enemy personel with your large units. Frequently, the computer will send a squadron of five to ten infantry (along with vehicles) to attack you. If you've got at least one large unit -- anything Scorpion-sized or larger for the Evolved, or ATV-szied or larger for the Survivors, it is frequently worth it to send one such unit right through the enemy's units, simply to roll over 'em and Krush them. One very important note here is that both Tankers and Oil Rigs (before deploying them) can be used to squash infantry -- they aren't quite defenseless. I've saved my base at least twice with this technique.

2.) Why spend your own precious resources to build Oil Rigs when you can simply send your Tankers to the enemy rigs and STEAL their oil? Of course, it's a good idea to destroy all other nearby enemy units, but once they're out of the way, your Tankers can pull up to enemy Oil Derricks and fill up on their oil! (Obviously, both the Evolved and Survivors staff their Oil Rigs with color-blind personel.)

3.) It appears that Tankers can be "programmed" to operate between two specific points. Simply click on the desired Oil Rig and Power Station to do this. I recommend doing it a few times for each Tanker, since the folks who drive them are not the best and brightest of either the Evolved or Survivors -- if they were, they'd be driving combat units.


John Doe - kristifer@geocities.com

Alright there is one basic stratagy that always works!

If you are on a level of 1 to 4 then all you have to do is build SWAT (if survivors) or Shotgunners (if evolved).

If you are on level 5 then build as many Snipers(survivors) or Crazy Harrys(evolved).

You might want to build some vehicles as well to put them in front of the guys to avoid getting them run over!

Works every time!!!!!!


BRADLEY SMITH - tig@voyager.co.nz

Build your power plant close to oil (send a little spy to find the oil at the begining of the mission) build 1-2 p.p at the begining.

Then build important buildings (you decide what building is most important to you). I find that it is best to buy the blacksmith or beast enclosure or machine shop. The more money you are getting the more expensive unit you should put on unlimited training (I usually put berserker or shot gunner swat or assault riflemen) and then guard your base with good towers. Don't forget to keep up the mekaniks and technicians.

This strategy is a bigger sucsess when you can get grapeshooters or a missile battery. Once I had a spot guarded by five men - those enemys got wasted when they came then. After you have got enough to defend your base against common attacks you build up a massive force in a spot that the enemy does not reach very ofton then move in and KRUSH KILL AND DESTROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is what got me to the end hope it works for you


Benjamin Bishop - bishop@cse.psu.edu

I've found that it helps to build a "wall" of missle batteries or such. When the enemy attacks, you can pull your heavies back to the wall and keep the bad guys busy with your infantry. The enemy usually takes heavy losses, and you only lose a couple infantry.

Tim Orkus - torkus01@kepler.poly.edu

Like mentioned before Crazy Harrys in large groups are awesome...also the beetles in reasonable size groups are devastating (be sure to change targets quickly so you don't waste shots in the middle of a battle...)

The number uno thing...get LOTS of RUs coming in ... when u can, make lots of tankers - in the vs. missions, I usualy have 10 at a minimum.

For the survivors, get one(1) rocket tank...run it towards the enemy and then, when they start to attack, run away...run all over, just keep them just behind you so u can hit them but they can't hit you...very useful for taking out quite a few guys...esp. in multi player

For those annoying bombs...just make a bunch of troops-snipers, swat whatever-as long as they fire fast bullets...and no more boom boom from the planes...

Most important, make your base and then use squads of units to blockade yourself into your part of the board...


Mike Johns - xqqwkw@echnida.stu.edu.au

When attacking either sides, the enemy always attacks the first unit that shoots. Therefore make sure that you have a fairly strong yet fast unit shoot first and while they kill the shooter, blow the crap out of any units.

NB: Flamers are the ultimate in attack and defense - 3 flamers can level any guard tower in 4 shots.


Nick Wolf - gnw3@telerama.lm.com

This is a trick I used as the NODs in Command and Conquer. If KKnD is based on C&C's game engine, then this is a good anti-airstrike trick. Personally, I haven't even used the airstrike yet, so, if I'm wrong, don't flame me.

In C&C, when the computer (as GDI) would send an airstrike, the game would read the game map top to botton, left to right, and it would send an airstrike at the furthest north unit. So, to avoid airstrikes, I build a minigunner or something small, and sent it as north as it could without it beign gunned down by a GDI patrol. When the airstrike came, it would target that unit and that unit alone. It was a good deterrent, better than the SAM Silos.

Anyway, if it works, congratulations. If I was wrong, I'm sorry.


David Newing - dnewing@onaustralia.com.au

When you have just destroyed a guard tower and the enemy starts to re-build it, send all infantry to the tower under construction and hammer it to within an inch of its life then retreat and allow your forces to regroup and heal, then when you have rallied a stronger force of larger units you can then "finish off" the pre-weakened towers with very little returned fire and losses, and get your heavier units quick experience with the carnage they created. Of course you would have to be prepared to pick off all the mekanic/techs trying to repair the buildings, but hey, they gotta get there first and they don't fire back!! This strategy can be devastating with multiple weakened towers especially against computer opponents as they tend not to repair towers and it gives it a false sense of security that a tower should hold the fort no matter how badly damaged it is.

Joshua Whiton - speedphrak@juno.com

I know this goes against the "ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK" mentality that dominates the KKND'ers persona, but a very entertaining way to defeat the computer opponent especially, is to carefully monitor your losses and wins as far as individual characters and rescources. In laymans terms, built up some mad 'D' and make sure that the computer loses more troops and indirectly RU's than you do holding them off.

Be sure you have more oil sites than they do and wait for them to run out of oil. Sit back and watch your missle towers etc. destroy them slowly. I used this strategy in "Occupational Force" and had many anaconda's lined up on the side of the east plateau. I was able to take out most troops before they even got a shot off.

How well does this work? Well, the evolved army I was fighting was so huge that my Pentium 75 w/ 24megs of ram was reduced to a crawl with trouble playing the music also. The whole time that I was defending against their raids I had two outposts: one on continuous swat production, and the other on continuous flamer production. I let this go on until I got an "no more troops available" message or something - in other words I had maxed the games number of troops allowed. I ran a small strike on one of their oil wells which of course pissed them off. They retalliated against my most heavily defended area and then I made my move. One huge blob of swats moved into their turf, taking out the grapeshot cannons, while flamers helped them. A stream of about 10 anacondas swerved in behind the attacking force of enemy hundreds (as I noticed the computer had maxed its number of forces allowed also). Killing Crushing and Destroying all the way from here on... you get the idea.

Oh, taking out grapeshot cannons can be a tough job. Make sure you send something with some bigger HP's in first against one, while then taking a bunch of swats or flamers in to give the real firepower. NEVER attack a range weapon with flamers as gas squirting from a nozzle doesn't shoot that far. Also never place flamers or any troops in a route in which the enemy is driving through to get to something else.. Nothing makes me choke up like seeing a team of veteran troops getting rolled over.

Not the most honorable thing to do, but I often just say the heck with a new mission and scout the terrain with the dirt bikes. Don't worry about a base until this time. Take this time to get to know your terrain and the enemies' strength. It sucks when you are struggling for an hour and find out that there is a second oil patch in that last unexplored spot of black fog in that obscure corner.

I'm beginning to babble, so my last piece of advice when being attacked and overcome is to start building say, a machine gun turret WHILE they are attacking, right smack in front of them. This seems to draw their fire while you save your hide.



Kamil Can Akat - canakat@ihlas.net.tr

Like all real-time strategy games, in KKND the hit&hide tactik is very useful. Make the enemy see you and follow you, then retreat to your base where your heavy units are waiting in ambush.

Peter T - ind58936@internet.dk

Soon after completing the game with the Survivors I played it through with the Evolved. Personally I don't like the Evolved very much, since the counter-unit to the Sniper, "Crazy Harry", might do LOTS of damage but his range is sadly a good bit shorter. So what do you do about that?

Well, actually, the Evolved have some pretty neat vehicles:

1. Missile Crab
2. Giant Beetle

While the Missile Crab has some serious maneuvering problems it can still cause great amounts of damage on an area, destroying armor and those bothersome Snipers alike! The Giant Beetle (also good damage) is best used after you pin down the enemy since they have LOUSY accuracy.

But as you may know, you can't run around only with vehicles in this game. Also, since shotgunners are really useless, the sure way to go is Flamers. I know I mentioned elsewhere not to use area damage weapons with flamers, but in this case we are talking little mutated freaks meant to be sacrificed.

The way I usually attack is:

..........<Flamers> *..........<Flamers> *..........

<1-2 Monster Trucks>..../ \.....<1-2 Monster Trucks>
(to run over inf.)................(to run over inf.)
+ <CH><1/3 of Beetles>........+ <CH><1/3 of Beetles>
..............<Crabs><1/3 of Beetles>...............

* it can be hard to get these into position, but if you go in a wide circle and ONLY have flamers the AI tends to ignore them, counting the main force as more dangerous.

Crazy Harrys:
Keep a few of these grouped on either side to pick off snipers (they can't do this themselves due to ther short range).

Giant Beetles:
These need to stand still while firing so bring them in JUST after the crabs stop and let the CHs "seep" through onto the battlefield.

Can't build all these goodies yet? Try starting out your base defense with just flamers!!

Oil stealing:
Like someone else already pointed out it is possible to steal oil from enemy rigs. But doing this for a while makes the AI VERY VERY aggressive and sometimes causes an all-out attack (we are talking 99% of the enemy forces attacking). If the rig is on the usual AI attack path you should make your stand by the rig, otherwise collect a lot of flamers by the rig and then start stealing oil. The AI will launch everything against your base and the flamers can assault the AI base.

1. Tankers are stupid
2. Tankers driving home across a battlefield can be unpleasant


Eric Pelkey - alakhaicunning@hotmail.com

Ok, my strategy is an overall strat, although this doesn't apply to protect convoy missions and doesn't apply too much to missions once you can have missile crabs (only with evolved, applies ALWAYS with survivors in my opinion). I will be using the flamer ATV and flamers as an example, but for the evolved a good unit for this would be pyromaniacs and scorpions.

To win using this strategy it is kind of vague in the beginning but then you will understand. First, you set up your base and whatever. Then you play the mission once and find out when and where the attacks come from (during this stage you can either just sit and watch or you can play and you might win without this). Then, you restart the mission and when you first come up, build about 1 to 4 of the best towers you can (the number will vary on how many of the enemy there are) after upgrading your Outpost/Clan Hall to full at the MAIN point where the enemy comes from. if there are multiple points where they come equally as in The Fianl Assault (mission 14 on evolved) start by putting one at each, then 2 at each and so on. While this is happening be upgrading you Machine Shop twice - or your bestiary once and you blacksmith however many times its takes to get oil transports - and then get 2-4 oil transports going on each oil line (2 if you have 2 or more lines, 4 if you have just one). When you have towers established at each and good oil lines going, you resources should be steadyily staying at moderate to high level. Also, you will probably be running out of ground units if you haven't already (if you have run out it IS ok to make more :) and so you should start making flamers and flamer ATVs (pyromaniacs and scorpions). This is not only a good combination because in number they are VERY good, but also because the ATVs and scorpions m


Will Jenkins - will@myself.com

Men are the key to this game, true. I use men to soak up fire while my artillery hang around in back, in safety. Plus men are actually capable of doing some damage. In fact, bloke waves can really give you grief. It came as a shock to me, then, that there's a really easy way of getting around that. If the enemy is using men as bait or cannon fodder - don't shoot them. Run over them and dig into his big guns. Fast moving vehicles like the monster trucks can bounce over hordes of people before they die (you'll need to arrange a diversion for them, unless you want them to die). Engage the men with something heavy and then trample them.

Stuart Chan - stucha@student.bvg.on.ca

This strategy is more for survivors. Build unlimited auto-cannon tanks, and barrage crafts. And build Anaconda tanks for defense. Then, build unlimited bombs. When your forces are strong enough, and your anaconda tanks are in the right position to defend your base, build 4 guard towers of each kind. If there are bunkers, find them and open them. Your enemy will most likely have grouped up his units to defend his base. Bomb all of his units, then send in your group of autocannon tanks and barrage crafts on one side and your special tanks on the other side. If there is only one entrance, then send in your special tanks behind them. This is the best strategy for me and I have killed everyone with it.

Dino Bautista - RVFB@hotmail.com

Earlier stages - Producing more of the lowly riflemen is a good way to increase your fire power especially if you are still low on funds. For defense, produce some ATVs and place them in front of your infantry for protection. Build guard towers when you have more funds and time is on your side.

Advanced stages - Anaconda tanks and snipers are very good for defense, sometimes better than guard towers, especially the snipers which come cheap. Again place the tanks in front of the snipers for their protection. Flametrowers and their ATV counterparts are very effective when attacking buildings and structures but has moderate effect for defense.

Strategy - Increasing funds faster... always position your power plants close to your oil rigs and protect them well. If your power plant cannot be built closer, build another structure first, such as the research/alchemy lab, then your power plant to get it close as possible. Build all necessary structures at the same time if you have the funds. Build more power plants or tankers early when possible. Base position, when given a choice, should be established in closed locations with limited access so you can control the enemy's advances. On some missions, try blocking all access with guard towers built side-by-side, except for one. Attack early and go for their oil rigs or tankers as much as possible but make sure you have enough defences to brace for a counterattack. Discourage all possible attempts of the enemy to rebuild their destroyed rig.


Rick Taylor - rhtaylor@erinet.com

In the missions where there is a natural land bridge, you can hide troops under the bridge and the enemy cannot see them until it is too late.

Jack Dracula - vampire@wam.umd.edu

I had reached a sad day in my life: my days of running over enemy infantry was over. He was only sending over Bombadier Beetles and other things too large for my ATVs to run over... until I realized a new and exciting game. Build a Derrick, but don't assign it to deploy anywhere. Just leave it near some other buildings. When the enemy sends its Beetles in to raid your base, let it get through the defenses. Then run over it with the Derrick! The crunch is satisfying, and the sheer joy of Krushing your opponent is back.

Nathan Butler - n1.butler@student.qut.edu.au

After 100's of hours of multiplayer gaming I have come to the fllowing conclusion:

The Evolvers reign supreme for 3 simple reasons.

1) Generally, the Evolvers larger units are cheaper than the Survivor equivalent. For almost the same price an Evolvers player can have 2 mastadons when a Survivors player has 1 autocannon.

2) The Evolvers units have a better appearance. Crabs, mastadons and Crazy Harrys just look sooooo cool!!

3) The Evolvers nuclear warhead is 500 bucks cheaper than the Survivers one. Nuclear bombs would have to be the most devastating weapon in the game!

Tip: Stealth bombers\wasps can be destroyed before they drop their bomb. There are 3 specific units that accurately fire at stealth bombers\wasps. These are autocannons, snipers and Crazy Harrys. As such, to defend a group of your larger units that may be targeted for extermination via a nuke, surround the pack with a thin barrackade of Crazy Harrys\snipers. These units are cheap (200 Bucks) and almost guarantee a defence against nukes. When a stealth bomber\wasp is spotted heading towards your army, move the Crazy Harrys\snipers into an aggressive position in front of your larger units (ie. half a screen) and tell them to attack the stealth bomber\wasp. A group of 15-20 Crazy Harrys\snipers will finish off the aerial enemy before your opponent can yell out "Bombs away" and rub it in your face. MUHAHAHAHAHA - Now its your turn to give him crap when he complains about his bomber being destroyed. (Note: 1 in 10 Bombers may get through this defence - BEWARE!)


Johan Wallin - bbe@teknogram.se

If survivor, get your own SWAT army in the beginning. Then check out the enemy's home with a 4 x 4 jeep. After that... get a lot of Autocannon tanks.



The KKND King Toby Knyvett - knyvettj@ideal.net.au

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is Build Infantry!!! Tons of it!!! Use Flamers or Pyromaniacks because they only cost the same as Riflemen or Swats and for defence use infantry and have a vehicle on hand for mowing down those pesky infantry.

Ian Harris - Harrisdt@execpc.com

It is simply a major tactic used in any war. Trick your enemy.

First probe his defenses while trying to avoid contact and then build up enough forces to annoy him. Then build a second army that is smaller but of the stronger units. Attack with the first group in the most obvious attack point. Then as he is using all of his forces to hold you off send your second army in any smaller opening there is. The only way they can attack you is if they have towers. Or if there is no back door then take them in and avoid the explosions from the other vehicles and take out their important structures. And if all else fails bomb the hell out of them.


David Storie - Chevy73956@aol.com

I have found that if you scatter about 20 soldiers around and space them out between 1/4 and a half an inch from each other, the enemy concentrates firepower on only a few of your men while the rest that are close by are pounding them from all sides. It is also good to have a backup line of heavy firepower behind your front to blow them away while your line keeps them at bay. This strategy has worked perfectly for every mission but the last..... I still have not finished it but it helps to defend in this manner. If you are attacking, use the same strategy and move a few units at a time until they are surrounded. keep moving units in to replace the unfortunate ones who got killed.... I hope this helps you guys out.

Justin Campbell - clcj@telusplanet.net

First of all, you should always have two power stations near each oil rig and you should sometimes have two oil rigs going. You should also try to have two cities with one being the infantry area and the other being the vehicle area. You should concentrate more advanced and important structures in the most guarded areas. Have four outposts (two in each city) which will help you to pump out guys really fast and enable you to Krush, Kill and Destroy! You should have two cannon towers and two guard towers at each entrance to each city (picked some of this strategy from Warcraft 2) for added protection.

Concentrate your vehicle camp on ATV's and Autocannon tanks. Your infantry should be concentrated on things like SWAT and Snipers. Throw in the occasional Sappers and Rpg launchers!

Dennis "Krusher" Roslind - dennisroslinds@hotmail.com

As many of you KKnD fans knows you need 2 oil tankers and often 2 Mekaniche shops (if you play survivors)or 2 blacksmiths and 2 beast enclosure (if you plays mutes).

Survivors: build about 4 ATVs to protect your oil rig. And then build a tough assault troop (remember don´t just build vehicles). Then attack and see the enemy's blood flow.

Mirek "Mike" Vlcek - xvlcek@fd.cvut.cz

In case you want to defeat your opponent economically because you are too lazy to challenge his forces while you attack his base, build up the death line (guard towers and vehicles in front of them) and always when you feel prepared to destroy his mass attack just take one unit the best is a Flamethrower and head for his base. Just get close to his base. This will provoke him to chase your Flamethrower. Get your unit inside your base and see the mass destruction on the front line. If you do this frequently he will always send his units on you and the attacking forces will get much smaller then. This gives you a great power in the game because you are the one to take control. Of course, it takes some time to defeat him but it is much easier to destroy his base at the end.


Zach Alvey - shine@cswnet.com

Remember, Bigger isn't always better. They may be cheap and die a little easier, but a crap load of Shotgunners or Swat teams can kick just about anyone's butt all over the post-toasty that remains of planet Earth.

Nick Craswell - Nick.Craswell

1. Sometimes the AI will keep sending tankers to an isolated rig, so sit around destroying tankers for a while before you destroy the rig.

2. When you are ready for your final attack, send in a few weak/fast units into their camp, get their attention and then run. Often the AI will try to press its advantage and will chase your little units into whatever ambush you've set up. This spreads out their forces and gets them away from their defense towers.

3. When you are building a really big force, avoid units which have to move in close e.g. flame tanks, because they tend to get in the way of friendly fire. Alternatively, avoid units that can't aim (barrage craft are the worst here).

Chris Conley - The Krick@Aol.Com

When you got about 1000 kredits or so to waste, build a group of SNIPERS. They rule. You can take out a nice bit of thier army with a group of 5(the more the merrier) Hehe...

Another one: Do not build the best weapons all the time. A good bomber will do more damage than an Autocannon Tank. Don't use Autocannon tanks or Crabs only. A group of 5 Autocannon/Crabs, and a mix of other units(not alot of infantry though) will do better than the same amount of Autocannon/Crabs.

Henrique Neves - ed511720@macau.ctm.com

Maybe it's not much, but here it goes!!!

Well, you're at a multiplayer game, see... You know your PC opponent is better than you in more ways than one... he has more units than you, he has more credits than you, he is stronger than you. Well, you have to know that there aren't any stronger or weaker: there's revenge, though.

Find a good place to put an Oil Rig and a Power Plant. Place them close, so that you'll get more in less time. When you have enough build a second Power Plant... Now, the good part...

Build a Machine Shop and build a dirt bike - it will help you, trust me!!! And explore EVERYTHING!!! Do not leave ANY black hole in yer map!!! Found yer partner's base, yet? YES?? GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! Do not fight!! Travel around a little... see what yer partner has that you don't and prepare yourself fer speedin' construction!!! First, build an upgrade - you'll need it!! Next, train many SWATs - as many as you like. If there are at least 10 rush them to your base entrance.

Next, upgrade EVERYTHING you have as many times as you can. Quickly, though or your dead, man!!! Make as many upgraded vehicles as you possibly can and let them take the SWATs' spot, but mantain the SWATs at the entrance. Now build all the buildings possible and upgrade them (you should have 2 upgrades or more... maybe one fer each building)!!!

Hurry, hurry, hurry!!! When you are being attacked it's just too late!! Now stay at your place building as many vehicles as you can. When you're being attacked let the defense stay and rush up to the enemy base and Krush, Kill 'n' Destroy EVERYTHING!! Come back to your base and destroy the rest...


Brock tunnicliffe - Brock@onaustralia.com.au

Hi everybody. My strategy is try to get up a army real quick so you can get the enemy to retreat. Try looking around for a secret weapon because on some stages there are things like mechs and other cool stuff. I would like to also say hi to my best friend Tom...

Pac Man - pacman@mail.link.no

I've played for game a while now, and found out a really good strategy for multiplayer games. This works best for the Survival side, but it's slightly weaker when playing Evol.

The whole strategy is to build about 15-20 snipers and head for the opponents' army. Attack the closest truck/creature and shoot at it for about 1 sec. then run outside their shot range. Repeat this until your enemy's army is demolished.

Note: DO NOT attack the missile crab OR war bug (ya know, the one that squirts green acid at ya) - they kill snipers VERY fast. Also, watch out for fast moving cars, they'll squash you.

This tactic has worked well for me so far, and I'll be happy if someone finds a tactic against this.

Pascal Pieper - Jmpieper@caiw.nl

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is build a huge army so you can slam in one time the whole base. Units from the computer player are in one place, so an airstrike will be fine (i'm trying, this is my best english, i'm from The Netherlands.)

Chris Conley - The Krick@Aol.Com

I got a couple strategys for those KKnD freaks out there...

1)When attacking the enemies Oil Rigs, try to find another way in. The computer will not notice if you sneak around and attack them from an unprotected side, just don't shoot that tanker!

2)When you are the Survivors, and are under attack, use your tanks to aim at thier creatures, and crunch infantry!

3)Don't waste three or four tankers on one rig, use one or two not to tie up the rig. And if you are under attack, you will only loose half the money, and can get the money back.

4)Always always use mixed groups of units... That way the group can take care of every attack, of course, unless they die....

Nick Wiedenfeld - <strriery@execpc.com>

To set up a good defence make loads of cheap junk and put in your front line. Next put your groups of guys together to form a new line behind your first line. In your 2nd line don't put any flamers - put them in the 1st line. Now put the expensive junk that can shoot over stuff. So now when the emeny comes down they nail on the cheap junk when the expencive junk nails on them. But don't forget to repair the defence.

Dominic Leclerc - leclerc@axess.com

At the begining of a game (Multiplayer) gather up all your troops and send them towards the enemy (if you know about where the enemy is, if you don't know just send out fast troops like motocycles or direwolves).

While your troops are fighting his troops just build a machine shop (Humans) or a blacksmith and beast enclosure (freaks) and pump out inexpensive and strong troops. Then send them over to destroy what is left of the enemy.

If you get to the enemy fast then this strategy works well - he loses a lot of stuff and while he's building up you are sending over troops which soon enough will KRUSH him. Krush Kill N Destroy is a completely OFFENSIVE game, not a sissy defensive game. If you can build up a great offence then your oppenent is rotting in his grave.


One thing to have in your mind, at least in the first missions is:

For instance, an ATV will take up the same space as five SWAT's will do. The SWATs are more effective killers, since there are more of them. So why not build just SWATs and don't bother with ATVs? Because SWATs can get Krushed by enemy vehicles with a little weight... and they will die quickly when you are attacked by things like Giant Scorpions, Grapeshot gunz and War mastodons. Whether you buy SWATs or ATVs depends on if the enemy has these or other units like those.

Quentin Muhlert - oppossum@netpci.com

For Survivors ('cause their guns look kewler)

Ok, here ya go.... this is *THE KEY* to winning any of the higher levels. Don't go and tell everybody, it's a big secret, SSSHHHH!!!

My trade secret is to use whatever stuff you have upon entering the mission to defend, while, not wasting any time building stuff to defend, you quickly put up a research thingie and get snipers. Okay, phase 1 complete.

Ready for phase two? Ya sure? It's kinda difficult: BUILD LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF SNIPERS!!!!!!!!!! Dont stop!!! Amass a giant army of snipers!!!! They can easily take on anything the Evolved will throw at you. This is usually only good on friends once or twice...but it works wonders on the AI, because (no offense programmer people) well.. the AI just isn't bright enough to build an army of crazy Harry's, but unless your friend is a total retard, he'll find out how to counter this after a couple perfect defeats by you. Have Fun!!


Ehsan Ghebraie - subzero@ican.net

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is... you make a minimum of 5 groups of fighters (beginner levels) and up to 20 groups of fighters (advanced levels). In each you put 10 infantry - the make up should be consistent - and 6 vehicles. If you want you can add extra infantry (only if you have enough resources to make them and have at least 1500 left), then you start...

If you know exactly where the enemy is then you can attack straight there. Use your groups to do as much damage as you can to the enemy forces taking out as many of the others men and vehicles as possible. If you still have men left over from this onslaught attack an oil refinery or power plant or if you're really daring attack the main building facility If you keep a steady stream of these groups focused on the enemy base you will win pretty easily.

NOTE: Always remember to leave at lease 20 infantry and 5 vehicles behind in case of an attack from another direction.

Robbie McMichen - robmc@myriad.net

Welllll... you've got all this oil kicking in and you are making this really huge army and all of a sudden a large attack is brought on by the opposing team. This can be fun or bad. If you select your entire army and select one enemy to kill, all the other enemies are going to attack your biggest guy or run over your littl 'uns. You should select 1/4 or 1/2 of your army to go after a certain bad guy. This way you can occupy the enemies from taking down your huge fellas without as much damage to your army.

Strategy two: ATTACK (don't defend so much.)


As soon as you can build snipers build them. They're easier to handle than any tank or other weapon and can do much more damage quickly when put in a group of around fifteen. Test it yourself. See how much frustration you go through getting your large tanks to attack, then use your snipers in a group. They'll destroy a crab in about 5 secs. And they're especially good against the mini-gun turrents because they can only shoot one man at a time. This means you lose one man and destroy an entire turrent which usually can kill 2 tanks, at least!

Robbie "DIEKILL McMichen - robmc@myriad.net

Three things to do:

1. Make all the infantry you can.
2. Make 1 ATV or pickup for every 5 footmen
3. Attack

You see, komputer (opponent) very smart. It take out big stuff first. It ignore small stuff, till big stuff go away.

If you put big stuff in front, infantry can whale on enemy while they occupied with big stuff. So, in a way, komputer (opponent) very stupid.

Logan Bartling - bartling@pacbell.net

I got this really Genius tip, you don't wanna build 3 or 4 tankers to go to each oil well? well, yure in luck, this is your answer, you build your power station over, yes over the oil puddle with the outer rim of the puddle going out the right side. scan the right edge of the power station and find the drill icon, and it is hard to find making the rig part of the power station you only need 1 tanker. Your power station destroyed? no problem at all just place the power station right over the rig and the computer will not complain about the rig in the way!!! (this is hard to explain so try this once, twice or three times to get it right)

Sebastian Jeffcoat-Dick - 101317.3363@compuserve.com

Generally, one should never under estimate the overall value of infantry. One can accomplish more with a large amount of infantry
(in most cases) than with a few vehicles. What works well, in an attack is sending out a line of ATVs, or any vehicle of your choice,
followed by a hoard of infantry. the vehicles, if well controlled, act
as a barrier to stop the men getting 'krushed', while the men from behind do the real damage.

James Grabowski - smooth@aa.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... For evolved, if u have Beetles or War mastadons or both, then u just build three or more power plants and have two derricks and build infinity war mastadons and beetles and use them for defences until u have a lot of them. When u have a lot of them u attack the enemies base.

David Witte - witte@alphalink.com.au

I've noticed that with all of these strategies that people underestimate the use of the dire wolf and the bike/sidecar. These units are the first I build. It is essential that you get a defence force quickly, and the scorpians are not as good if you look at it this way - around 2 dire wolfs for every scorpian you build and two bike/sidecar for every scorpian. With the numbers you can get with these vehicles they are better than scorpians.
Well, that's my two cents.

Chaos(x) Shadowtalon - blizzard@adelphia.net

Works on the computer. If human enemy is stupid enough, one is all you need... If you come across a group of enemies with your own group, send one out. When that one unit attracts the enemy, position it far behind your other troops. The enemy units will lock onto that target, ignoring your other units. You can attack them as they draw near -and- pass you by in order to destroy that one unit. Works great with a dire wolf/ATV scout, and a group of more powerful vehicles (creatures) backing them up for the assult.

Barrage crafts are much better than autocannon tanks. Their reload time is longer, but they do more damage. Compared in groups, the difference is even greater. The same is true with the bombarder beetle opposed to the missile crab. Ever read the quick scrolling text at the side of the mission briefing? Ever notice any tips stuck in there at times? Have you looked closely? The computer always attacks with a scout, then a combination of infantry, medium vechicles, and strong vechicles. Always run the infantry down first, ignore the scout. The medium vechiles and the scout will have the first shots, but you want the flamethrowers, grenaders, and whatever else dead and fast! By then, the stronger vechicles will move in, and the winner is more determined from there.

Air bombs are a must. They should be upgraded in the outpost building first, for it and the ever helpful map. Not too wise to bomb an army, for they may shoot down the craft, and you don't know which way it will come in. Groupings of buildings and main halls are important, because when you raid, their production will be very limited while you knock over their buildings with little opposition in the near future. Mechs in the wrong hands are a real pain. Always spread out your units when attacking. Flame throwers are a key weapon, if you can sneak them in. Fortunatly, the computer does not heal them. Is it possible to repair such a powerful weapon? Your first building should be upgraded before weapons or the repair bay. You need to build up your oil before launching yourself into research and building the heavy vechicles.

Shawn Cheng - necro51799

As soon as you start off, group all you troops together, including the clan hall, and move south-west. You will see a wall to your left when you first start off. Have your mobile clan hall follow that wall DOWNWARDS while the rest of your units keep going south-west. Deploy your clan hall 2 clan halls' space lower than the wall the your left.
Under the clan hall, build a blacksmith, under the blacksmith, build a
alchemy hall. Then, to your left, build three power stations near bottom oil well. Back at your clan hall, build a beast enclosure to the wall on the top-left of your clan hall. By this time, your blacksmith and alchemy hall should be finished by now. Upgrade your clan hall right away so you can start pumping out pyromaniacs. Also, while doing that, build a oil derrick on the oil well closest to the bot

When playing as the evolvers, start pumping out crazy harrys as fast as possible. Use the crazys as defense, since, when at vet status, a group of five can take out a cannon tower in about......8 secs. Then build a few dire wolves or monster trucks to keep your harrys from being run over, though I doubt that the vehicle will get close enough to run them over if you have 15 harrys sniping at them.....If they use missles against you, move toward the enemy until the rain of missles stop, then attack! If they use bullets, match them with your own, if they use fire, they wont get close enough to get off a shot. Against snipers, get into range and take them down with a small group of 1-3 harrys, preferable vets. When you think you have enough Harrys, attack! Be sure that your harrys are on auto build though.


I found this to be the easiest survivor mission in the came. My strategy is really very simple. Take all your units and head towards the east. Once in the ruined city move north until you've reached the bridge (destroying all freakers you encounter). DO NOT CROSS IT. If you do you will have a tough time getting the scout back to the starting point. Instead discover all the dark area you haven't yet discovered and kill every muty you encounter. After you've discovered it all and erradicated all the freakers just cross the bridge and get the scout back to the X.

Larry Lee -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

For the demo, move all your forces just south of the east machinegun nest. Immediately train 10 berserkers. Move your forces as quickly as possible to the far east. You should be able to easily take out the Machine gun nest. Then, take out their rig. It is their only one, so you are free to build. After you have some RU's after building your buildings, send a dire wolf far north to find the tech bunker. Use the mech to take out their remainig guard towers. The rest is simple. Since you don't have to worry about enemy attacks, build scorpions and attack their base.

timothy shergold - shergold@ipax.com.au

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
Make sure you extend your troops into three squads: a main squad and two flanking squads consising of squad and snipers.
The main squad MUST consist of vehicles with a few swat guys at the front so the enemy will hit them while you shoot the enemy.
On about 35% of the levels you can find robot units which will help you a great deal.


Joe Anderson - josepha@alpha.psd.k12.co.us

Ok, this only works if you can setup base inside a ring of cliffs (like a horseshoe). Get that Outpost upgraded to full as fast as possible. Make unlimited snipers. Send them up on top of the cliffs around your base. If your base is far back in the horseshoe enough, the snipers will turn anything that tries to attack into swiss cheese. Make sure you keep an eye on them, because if the enemy can get 1 or 2 ATV\Monster trucks up there, your snipers will have a major case of road rash.
Also, make unlimited bombs. When you have five or six, send them all in to bomb the enemy base at the same time. Detail two to kill the outpost/hall, 2 to their machine shop/blacksmith/beast pen, and the rest to whatever you think doesn't deserve to live. A few of the bombers/wasps will be shot down, but that's why you send so many in. After the bombing run, try to send in a few wimpy units, ex: some wolves and a bike or two or a few dozen infantry or a few flamers. Your opponent won't have enough firepower left to kill your guys, and your can spite him by killing all his tankers before they get to the powerstation. If you don't, your guys are screwed. But, this isn't a clean and efficiant killing strategy, its a way to make your friend or computer hate you.

Daneil Ong Weiliang - Pytor@mbox3.singnet.com.sg

For Multiplayer games :

Raid your enemy's base with snipers, swat, sabotuers and riflemans. Sabotage their Oil Rig and power station. Use snipers to deal with their towers and swat and rifle man deal with your enemy's tanks. You should have at least .....
20 snipers,15 sabotuers, and 30 rifleman and swat(each).
Then send in heavy backups like Barrage craft, autocannons, atv flamer ETC ETC ETC. Even if they don't die, they'll leave a few stupid buildings and people. Then finish them off with another group of people and tanks. :^)

Vladimir L. - aslev@idirect.com

Well, I have couple of things to say.......
- Don't use only large amount of troops against
Giant Scorpions/S.W.A.Ts or anything with flame
- Better use about 5 Monstertrucks (or something like that)
in front of troops
- Your best defence will be:
0 - your base
> - your units
< - their units >>>>
0 0 0 0 0 >>>>
0 0 0 0 0 >>>> << << <<
0 0 0 0 0 >>>> << < <<
0 0 0 0 0 >>>> << << <<
0 0 0 0 0 >>>>

Joel Greenhalgh -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
When trying build units constantly instead of selecting them one by one
keep clicking on the unit you're building until it reaches 9 or the constant build which is the click after.

Jaguar Au - zhewei@pl.jarinr.my.

Do not let your faster units to attack first. Keep your troops in a group. Actually one or two wolves can destroy a barrage craft. Just attack it and run about it, don't let it attack you.

Joe D. - jdrols@walshcol.edu

For the Survivors Demo the Computer has what I call the C&C building syndrome (CCBS). Most of you who have played Command & Conquer know that if the spot of building is destroyed the computer will build the same building in the same spot, It will never build a building in a different spot. A simple way to stop the computer from rebuilding the guard towers you've destroyed while you are on your last big attack for the level is to simply put an infantry man in the square formally occupied by the guard tower. The computer will never replace the guard tower in a different spot.

Another stratagy, the virus approach, is to attack the computers main base in the beginning. Destroy all guard towers by an enemy oil rig and set up base next to the where the oil rig was. Quikly set up base and upgrade as quikly as you can. This stratagy has to be used in a couple of C&C Covert Ops missions

Commander Blood - hafwel@ihug.co.nz

The enemies usually only attack if they think they can win so keep on building units.

If you start wasting them they will run(so shoot em in the back).

Sometimes you can run a unit by an enemy and the enemy will chase him and only him so kill the unit/s while they are chasing someone.

Swat men are one of the best guys to have if you have lots of them so I usually put them on infinite build.

Only build heavy expensive vehicles once you have lots of other guys like swat men.

Be careful with rocket and grenade men cos you can kill your own guys with them (you can kill your own guys with any exploding weapon but they are usually the worst).

Richard Au - Richie1983@aol.com

DEFENCE! the single most important thing in the base operations! O.K. One thing you should do while defending is make a line (No duh!) But in front of the line put cheap riflemen spread out! When the enemy come they will aim for all the riflemen before the lines are even damaged.
ATTACK! The best way to attack for me is to wait and let the enemy attack your lines first before commencing an attack. Before that build a little army (not too big not too small) and put them behind the lines. When you win and the enemy retreats to be reinforced don't repair damage on the towers!!!!!! Load all of the defending guys the army and pursue!!!!!! While following be sure to have ATV Flamers because they get the good stuff (Like War Mastadons! and Scorpions!) following to destroy buildings; I advise Adacona and normal ATV's.
A GOOD ARMY! To make a good army you don't want too fast army nor slow (Fast weak Slow too easy to be hammered by foe) Overall I advise Adaconda and ATV flamers. Flamers don't live to long but they are the best for pursuing. Normal ATV's or bikes are fast but are too weak as well as 4 by 4's. Autocannons are great but really puts a toll on cash and slows your attack by a bunch, Same with Barrage craft's. Infantry are good but still kinda slow. If you do have infantry I advise Flamers, SWAT and Snipers. Others are not worth the cost or are just plainly not useful....

T.B.K. -

First make a couple of heavy craft eg. Missle Crab/War Mastodon/Anaconda Tank/Barrage Craft and set them up as guards around your base (try to move them in between guard towers for support).
G=guard tower


Once a good defense is made make a Dire Wolf/Dirt Bike and send it out as a scout. Look for Tech Bunkers or Oil Rigs. If an Oil Rig is found build five or so War Mastodons/Anaconda Tanks and send them out to destroy it (try to do this early in the game so you have lots of time to prepare for a massive offensive). Once you have build some more veicles to reinforce the area. Then send out scouts to look for entries to their baReferer:

Shawn (Necro) Cheng - necro31599@ten.net

For the Evolved Only:

Start off list:
1 Clan Hall
3 Power Stations
1 Oil Rig (build a blacksmith if you have to)
1 Alchemy Hall

To Do List:
Upgrade Clan Hall
Get all 3 tankers hauling oil
Build Pyromaniacs on Infinite
Upgrade Clan Hall
Group Maniacs together and withstand waves of attacks
Upgrade Clan Hall
Build Autocannon towers
Upgrade Clan Hall
Build Crazy Harrys on Infinite
Stop Pyromaniacs production (rebuild them if you need backup)

Get 4 Clan Halls all on Tech:5
Get 4 oil rigs
Get 2 tankers on each oil rig

When you think you're ready - attack with Harrys, veterans are preferred
Live or Die.

vulture, vacum-cleaner - vulture@netvision.net.il

best strategies around the world by vulture and vacum-cleaner:
* airstrikes aren't so good attacking protected bases or moving units, best used to finish empty\unprotected bases
*tell a unit to attack techinicians\mekaniks or tankers of yours (because they don't attack you back), and the attacking unit will become veteran unit (stupid tip,but makes your snipers even more accurate)
*pyromaniacs\flamers are good for groups because they don't hurt themselves, and good for protection.
*don't flood yourself with guard towers, they will block your units up and they will do a terrible chaos to your base. Try to spread them in your base.
*snipers are SUPER in groups, 3 snipers can easily kknd a new monster-truck.
*bombardier beatles are great in slaughtering infantry,unless you don't have war mastodons to cover 'em and to take the damage instead of the cute little beatles.
*ragular a.t.v.'s SUCK in protection, put them ONLY if you have no other hope and your infantry went up the sky to place of massive happiness.
*1 shotgunner rips-off a regular an ol' new dirt bike and costs much less than it.


§vulture and vacum-cleaner§

Henrique Neves - ed511720@macau.ctm.net

Heck, this isn't much of a strategy, but, HEY! I'm not much of a player, so listen closely. Often is better not to wait for the enemy but just to GO FOR IT! Wait just til you get attacked. Bring up your previously BIG force and go to the enemy compound. It should be under-guarded with the attack on your base, so WRECK IT ALL APART! First what I call production buildings, the ones that crank force (IMPORTANT NOTE: Though Drill Sites don't send troops nor vehicles, they are the ones you should attack first.) Then, after that, you'll WIN!! Simple, huh?

Dillon Jones -

In multiplayer games, if your friend sends a bike or a wolf or whatever into your camp, he will see everything you do. He will know when you are mounting an attack, sending out scouts etc. Also he will be able to see the best spots for a bomber or wasp. My advice is to set up camp as close to a cove as you can and line the entrance with people so it is IMPOSSIBLE to get into your camp without him destroying something. That way he will have no idea what you are doing, giving you a strong advantage.

Trevor Calder - trevor@iinet.net.au

Forget trying to win a mission the first time you play it.
Use your existing forces to explore the map. Send them off in different directions, to uncover as much as possible.
That way, you know where everything is the second time you play.
No wasting time wondering if there's a tech bunker somewhere, or working out defensible areas the hard way, or trying to find that second oil patch - you already know all that before you produce your first unit.

Adrian Morgan - morgan@netwit.net.au

Just build infinite of every offensive unit without upgrading anything (except the machine shop twice so you can build extra tankers)then just send them all to their clan hall and watch the show.

David Casey - Agent00dic@aol.com

My stratergy is, if you are in an area that only has one or two exits, then guard them with all you've got. This proves to be very effective. Just form lines. Your less useful people in the front, and the better at the back, such as anocondas, or crabbs. This gives you time to build more troops or buildings. Ocationally, send a suicide mission to destroy their oil rigs. Then take all your troops except for a few and attack from both ends. (Only when you have an army of the right size.) This will leave the enemy helpless.

Nestor - dgz@.aha.ru

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
At the begining I take some bikers and send them to all four corners
of the map. Then I look at the enemy's base and see what he's got. Then
I restart the mission and make a base and see where the attacks come
from. Then you restart the mission again and play the game for real. It
seems to work for me

Azarul - adon1@yahoo.com

If you want to want to own the surface, then listen....
1)Always try to stop an opponent's resources from getting higher. That means you have to raid an oil rig first, then the power station. You may think that this tactic will suicide your group. But that is for your own good.
2)If you have a large group, then split it to 2 groups. This is useful when the first group need some backup.
3)If you find your base is attacked and you have a lot of resources,
try to build a unit and change to infinte. This will help you if
all your defenses are down.

Loren Fisher - studiotech@lightspeed.bc.ca

The most important thing to do at the beginning of any mission, no matter what side you are on is to build one of every vital building.
(choosing the survivors in earlier missions is advisable because you get one building to create vheicles unlike the evolved) If you don't protect your oil drills the enemy uses them as a prime target. Try placing both a power plant, technician and defensive structure by your oil drill. Finally, the perfect array for an attack is to put 4 or 5 infantry at the front to attract the attention of their units. While this is happening, blow them away with missile launchers at the sides and a full force of vehicles at the rear.

kyle kyle -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is you must take out the defences first if you want to make an attack! I use so many infantry so it overwelms the freaks. Then you try to take out their oil sources. Then they will mostly be helpless. Have fun kicking ass.

Tim Easton - easton@auscape.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......try to make your base around a well oiled area, with only one entrance on your side. By doing this you can get more money sooner from a lot of rigs so that you can make forces sooner, then place all your forces at the one side instead of having to spread them out to the other sides of your base. You will have a much lower casuality rate because the more fire power at one spot, the more likely you're going to wipe the enemy out.

Qiao Xie - xieqiao@usa.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

you don't have to destroy enemy's oil wells, just direct your oil tankers to them and steal oil.

Chris Cruz - Vader942@aol.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
I found that on the evolved missions you can find a tech bunker. I haven't one on the survivor missions but he is a great ally for the evolved and I have taken out bases with just this one character. I think this strategy is really cool so try it out.

Kevin Wong - pohingw@tm.net.my

My strategies are :
1. To defeat your enemy, you must know the enemy . . . Know when it is going to die. (e.g. If your 10 beetles fire at the same time on a anaconda, the anaconda is most likely to be krushed.)
2. They will come in large groups and the faster ones will reach you first (and die first). Attack the nearest one to you first even if an autocannon is within range behind.
3. Attack one at a time till it is crushed and then proceed with the next.
4. At earlier levels, to get more oil tankers, destroy the furthest power station from a derrick, and build it back (nearer to the derrick).

Good Luck! (You'll need it)

Nate Williamson - jaguar@isource.com

I will tell you, without a doubt, that snipers are the most valuable units! Their range is superior to all infantry and most vehicles. Their weapon also does lots of damage (especially infantry), and they are faster than most infantry and have 600 hp to boot! So, you should always upgrade your outpost first, if you have a max tech of 5. Also, despite whatever anyone says, repair bays ARE worth their money. Just think: would you rather spend 1200 or 1000 RU to buy a new Autocannontank or Barrage Craft than just repair the one you have?
Although you may have to upgrade your repair bay, you can always do this after upgrading the outpost and machine shop, and you will be saving thousands of RU's when you make repeated repairs. This is also a good way to keep your veteran vehicles.

James McCracken

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
First, create a front line defence that can withstand a large attack. Then, send some fast movers into the enemies base, if there is a back door. If your front line is closer, they will attack that instead of your fast movers. Also, keep only about 6 or 8 tanks in your front line and keep the rest further back. The enemy will only attack if it thinks it has a chance of winning. This way they will attack in smaller numbers, and if they destroy a tank just replace it with one from your reserves further back.

BW M - sparksss@yahoo.com (ICQ UIN # 4735586)

This tip is more of a watch your own ?ss, when it comes to alliances in a multi-player game mode. Plus... a few tips to deceive the enemy too.

- Make as many alliances as possible at the beginning of game even if you plan on destroying them.
- obviously with an alliance you can walk right into a base without being shot at, this allows you to (secretly) infiltrate "Sabs" into position, just in case allies decide to turn on you or vise versa.
- Don't be real obvious, but send in just enough into a building to neutralize it, then have one standing by (hidden from user view and out of direct fire ranges so he isn't toasted once the alliance is broken), ready to enter the building causing immediate damage.
- Now if your intents are to do the alliance breaking, send in enough "Sabs" to blow up the building first, before... you conduct an "ALT[key] attack", also if you have the means, send in an airstrike too, before breaking it off.(NOTE: For those that didn't know, a "Sab" attack and an Airstrike do not break an alliance, unless the user notices him/herself that it was you, but be sneaky and infiltrate when the user is busy fighting off enemies.)
- With their buildings all up in flames, backup forces demolished by an airstrike, and regular forces busy fighting the enemy, this is grounds for you to make your move to break an alliance and take over their territory.
- One thing to remember though, you might want to hold off as long as you can before attacking an ally, ....they also help ward off the freaks of nature. (or humans if you play the mutant role).
- I have several other stratagies as well, so feel free to give me your ideas or criticisms, or ask for more stratagies.

Robbie "DIEKILL McMichen - robmc@myriad.net

Three things to do:

1. Make all the infantry you can.
2. Make 1 ATV or pickup for every 5 footmen
3. Attack

You see, computer (opponent) very smart. It takes out the big stuff first. It ignores small stuff, till the big stuff goes away.

If you put big stuff in front, infantry can rain down on enemy while they're occupied with big stuff. So, in a way, computer (opponent) very stupid.

Logan Bartling - bartling@pacbell.net

I got this really Genius Genius Genius tip, you don't wanna build 3 or 4 tankers to go to each oil well? well, you're in luck, this is your answer, you build your power station over, yes over the oil puddle with the outer rim of the puddle going out the right side. Scan the right edge of the power station and find the drill icon, and it is hard to find, making the rig part of the power station you only need 1 tanker. Your power station destroyed? no problem at all just place the power station right over the rig and the computer will not complain about the rig in the way!!! (this is hard to explain so try this once, twice or three times to get it right)

Dan Shumay - DEEN214@aol.com

This Strategy can really help you - if you have any extra money use it
on attack units!! Beacause the enemy will invaid you more than one
Attack the enemy's base as much as you can.

Sebastian Jeffcoat-Dick - 101317.3363@compuserve.com

Generally, one should never under estimate the overall value of infantry. One can accomplish more with a large amount of infantry (in most cases) than with a few vehicles. What works well, in an attack is sending out a line of ATVs, or any vehicle of your choice, followed by a hoard of infantry. The vehicles, if well controlled, act as a barrier to stop the men getting 'krushed', while the men from behind do the real damage.

DIEKILL (robmc) -

Seige against AIR STRIKES

It has been a strategy of mine to destroy big clumps of enemy by using the handy old airstrike. Some opponents are smart enough not to put all their junk in the same place, so I can't destroy all of them with one airstrike. I usually deploy about 3 to 4 airstrikes on buildings and oil rigs before I begin to attack and the enemy is so caught up with the battle field that they go back and see how much oil is gone and buildings are lost and they don't know where it all went.

Also, against airstrikes, you should always place your men in seperate areas, so that the enemy will attack your buildings (easier to repair) and leave your men alone. As soon as you have a considerable amount of missle crabs/auto cannon tanks and maybe a tech bunker robot then I reccomend putting all your men together. That way the enemy will send all airstrikes toward your men and you can easily kill an airstriker before he drops the bomb.


James Grabowski - smooth@aa.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... For evolved, if you have Beetles or War mastadons or both, then you just build three or more power plants and have two derricks and build infinity war mastadons and beetles and use them for defences until you have a lot of them. When you have a lot of them you attack the enemy's base.

Brandon Poupore - aunttyT

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......try to use flamers or pyros in tight positions; if you're under siege send in a group and hope they get through and if they do you can do some serious damage especially to vital vehicles like barrage crafts (GOD! i hate those things). As you well know a flame can do some serious damage, also it's useful if you send them in while an enemy vehicle is preocupied. I hope this small tip can help some poor lost soul.

Dennis Liang - eliang@yesic.com

1) to win you'll need a lot of people. This game is very similar to C&C1, 10 flame people could destroy 3 or 4 big tanks.

2) If your enemies' rigs are undefended and not far away from your base then don't destroy them use them, and stick a bunch of your men to stop their harvester from getting to their own derricks.

3) On missions when you can't build more people. KEEP ALL YOUR PEOPLE alive so that they can become Veterans, so they can heal themselves.

chris cha - frigah@flash.net

What you should do is always have a good defense. When you have this HUGE defense, work on your offense. Ya' know, good offense is a better defense?....well, when you make your attack force, make it with varied people, so if an ATV stopped shooting to reload, a SWAT team would cover the vehicle while a 4x4 would become a real bother to the enemy while your 'heavy Metal weapons come in and krush, kill, n' destroy!

Brad -

This strategy works for every mission when you can build guys. Don't just build the best units for that level, you have to build some of the weaker units for extra, cheaper back-up support. Unless of course you can build a strong infantry. Only ever build rocket flame, machine-gun or fifth level infantry.

Jamie Jahnke - the_crewman@hotmail.com

I like to think that the best unit is the SWAT - it is cheap and packs a punch. The best way to storm an enemy base is to build a massive army composed of SWAT and sabatuer infantry. The Swats hold off the opposition, while the sabs take out the derriks and power plants. This method runs the enemy dry and allows you to hit their weakened forces with the armada of anaconda tanks you've built.

Danny Nigg - niggbred@tref.nl

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is to build a oiltanker and use it to trick the enemy just by driving away from the enemy so that it will come after your oiltanker.This works every time!

Elwin van der Meer - No E-Mail (yet)

Do you have it too sometimes? You have built a turret and you want to remove it without damaging your own forces?

HOW? Simple
1. Click on a turret
2. Push ALT
3. Click on the turret (The turret from point 1)
Et voila the turret destroys itself!!!! Isn't it good?!

Dark Void - Dark_Void@hotmail.com

In multiplayer, the first thing you have to do is get oil- LOTS of oil. Then quickly scout out the enemy base with a FAST unit e.g. dirtbike or equivalent, then upgrade your buildings. FORGET UNITS until you see your friend (or enemy :) then when you see that they have a lot of units moving threatingly for you, build your units (which should be far more powerful due to the upgrading) and build some of the most advanced towers availible. Then immediatly after destroying their sorry attack they will realize they are outgunned, and more then likly start spending all their cash on upgrades, meanwhile you continue to build up a force that you think could take out there oil. Attack and take out the oilrigs as quickly as possible, your opponent will more then likly have spent all his cash trying to upgrade and keep up with you, meanwhile you destroy his source of income, then take your time build A LOT of Anacondas and Snipers and rush them when you are sure you can win.

James Halkidis - james@onaustralia.com.au

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... with survivors first build 2 power plants 1 machine shop and 1 derrick then a research lab. Then research the machine shop up to anaconda tanks and oil trucks; start building 2 oil tankers and unlimited anaconda tanks. After you're rich build another machine shop then build more anaconda tanks and find some more oil and you'll win. see ya.

Avatar *********** - Avatar@hotmail.com.au

Ok all you newbie's. This is not a game it's a war SO treat it like one!
When in battle try to have short range units backed up by long range unit's, like the Snipers.
Flamers are good in packs, so group a lot when posible, they take out infantry like little beetles being attacked by Fire Ants.
if you have an oil rig far away from your base, try to position some units around it because the bad guys will attack, if they do attack it now would be a good time to get them while their guard is down!

Yang Gao -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......get as many SWATs/rifle men as possible (unless you can get snipers/crazy Harrys) Put them in a straight line: -----SWATs/R.M.(snipers/C.R.)---- then put a bunch of cheap crap (but they have to be at least trucks/3-wheel moter cycles and they have to be vehicles/beasts only) in front of the line of SWATs/R.M./Snipers/C.H.
So when your enemy finish off the front row, their HP is going to be down and then your second row of people could kill them off.

dimitri tanko - piett2@hotmail.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......when launching attacks, I always put riflemen in the front with atvs, bikes and 4x4 pickups, autocannons, beetles, etc at the sides and snipers in the middle. Always pull out powerful units and veterans and repair them if it is clear the enemy is outnumbering you then pull back or let your troops stay until you can bring in reinforcements.

Joel Teruya Young - lacun@hotmail.com

I will talk about your defenses in general, try to get spiders quickly!, and put those near the towers, they have great reach, after, put some men toward the spiders, they could be a great "carnada"... When you are attacking, let your soldiers attack first, then use the spiders to destroy them easily. I saw in many games, that the AI try to kill the men!! first!!!, so you get time to throw your acid on the enemy.

Fredrik Halvorsen - frehalvo@online.no

Not really a "kool strategy" but a useful tip:

Always use the right mousebutton scroll option.

Toxic Bunny -

In multiplayer, the best way to handle things is to make a picket line defense around your base, and if possible, across the map. But I'm not talking about a bunch of anacondas end to end here, I mean, space things out a little, if you have 2 or 3 lines all layered together, two things happen. One thing is, you can't attack with any forces you make later without messing up the defense, so space them out a bit. Also, you might as well hand all your tanks little flags to fly that say "Airstrike me, I'm stupid" if they're all together. Random spacing to cover a large area with a variety of vehicles gives a defense that is hard to airstrike, hard to go around, and if they start to get through it, the ppl behind them will wear the attackers down even more. Set it up kinda like this...

o    o     o     o     o     o      o     o

o o o o o o o o
o o o o o o o o

doing that or something similar will allow attacking forces enough room to move through, and will cover a larger area with the same number of troops. You can even fill in some of the spaces with infantry if you want, but at all costs, avoid this....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Another great idea if you have RUs to burn - build a cheap building, like a repair bay, and use them as chain links to build other outposts far far away from your current base or to put towers at that key point between canyon walls. Then just blast the repair bays away. And along the way throw in the occasional machine shop or whatever so you have some spares. And just FYI, standing by an inactive tech bunker will cause it to never activate till you move stuff away from it for about 5 minutes in.

jimmy zong - zong@mail.utexas.edu

When the opposing sides send thousands of men over, I find it easier to run them over instead of shooting them (especially pyros and those missle dudes). You might want to use an inexpensive vehicle to do the job, because it probably would get heavy damage or be destroyed.

andre boik -

I have this very effective strategy ya see it is- when on your map you see the enemy approaching you send out a dire wolf or dirt bike, when the enemy sees you they will follow you. Don't get too ahead of them or they'll lose you and head to your base. Let them follow the motorbike or dire wolf into your zone and have a line of grapeshot cannons or missile towers on the under side of the line of towers or the top and they will walk right by the towers after your motorbike or dire wolf. The towers will shoot at the enemy and the enemy won't attack the towers.

Linus Lim - linus13@cutey.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
First build about 2 or 3 powerstations. Then upgrade all buildings. Build about 2 or 3 defences. There's a CHEAT HERE:::::::::
Once you spot a bunker, send a dire wolf or an army to go near it. After a while the machine or whatever comes out, will be yours.
But if the bunker is in your enemy's territory, don't go!!!!! Build defences which can range very far, so to shoot the snipers and the crazys!!!!!!!

kiel figgins - kiel83@aol.com

This is a good way of keeping your more expensive troops in order. Let's say you have a line of tanks where the enemy usually comes from and whenever they attack one or two tanks move forward and they get killed. What you do is just build pick-up trucks and put them in front of your tanks that move. Instead of the tanks moving forward the trucks do. I don't suggest building bikes because they get killed too easily or ATV's because they cost more and they usually move up more then the trucks.

hope this helps

Linus Lim - linuslim13@hotmail.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... This is for the evolved only. Upgrade all your buildings, then build to 2 or 3 power stations. This is for all misions including KAOS MODE.


Put at least 3 or 4 defences!
Now for attacking:

flamer Dire wolf Missile Crab Dire wolf

flamer Giant beetle War mastodon Giant beetle
flamer Crazy harrys crazy harrys crazy harrys

War mastodon War mastodon

Always attack over 20 people or beasts. And always get 2 or 3 tankers on each oil spot.

william decatur - decatur@olg.com

When you start any mission the first thing you should do is have a small v. fast unit to scout the area (do not bother with the base, just go see what you are up against and what the computer will do first). When you have done this restart and build your base, you should first make sure your power plant is AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE!!!! When this is done find more than that one oil field and build wells on them while putting power plants next to them. SNIPERS are the key just don't let them get run over.

Graham Elliott - grahamelliott1@juno.com

Hey, here's a strategy - the key to winning is numbers, and the way you loose is numbers too. You see, after playing a mission a few times, learning where oil is, and where the enemy is, use this to your advantage! To keep from losing, deny the enemy oil, no matter what the cost. But always ALWAYS, if you can find a derrik that the enemy will not try to rescue, concentrate on taking out the tankers before you take out the derrik - use the derrik as bait! It really isn't that hard! Of course, make sure you leave someone there to keep the new derriks from coming.

Also, don't forget that guard towers cost money. Not only is this advising you to only use them if you have the money (or REALLY need the help ), it means that it pays to kill an enemy isolated guard tower, and wait till the enemy re-builds it, then repeat! One last thing (it's kinda cheap, but it works ) - if you ever get an opportunity to set a unit right next to the enemy base, but keep it out of firing range (like on a plateau that runs into enemy camp) USE THIS! this almost always means invulnerability! The enemy will keep sending units to the base of the cliff, but they can't shoot your unit! Amass a huge force of things that damage other things over a small area (RPG ers, beetles, scorpions (only if you don't have beetles), Sappers, pyromaniacs, and the like) and attack, but not where the enemy's forces are strongest - attack them like you would eat a Hotdog or a taco - start from the end of it, don't take a bite out of the middle! Good Krushing!

James Stewart - Ed@Home

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... Don't depend completely on swats as they are extremely vulnerable to getting run over. Concentrate a few trucks to protect your flanks. That way, you can put all your money on swats and on cheap trucks. This way, your swats won't get run over and with their concentrated firepower, they'll be able to take out a monster truck in under two seconds. And finally, synchronize your oil trucks so they won't get clumped up near your rig. Keep sending them off to the rig one after the other for best results!

Boyang Xia - boyang_xia@hotmail.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... If you're in the survivor's team and you're at the freak's camp always destory the rotory cannon and their oil rig so then it's easier to krush their base!!! KK'nD'em

Boyang Xia - boyang_xia@hotmail.com

If you have a Wilber bomber ready, or a Thunder wasp and you can see the entire enemy's base (symetrics or freaks) or you can just see the part of the map where they gather their troops, prepare your troops near the enemy's base, but not too close!! When your troops are prepared, aim your bomber or wasp in the middle of the group of your enemy's troops, then FIRE your bomber after the enemy's troops are mostly destroyed then use YOUR troops and start
Jon Mortzfield - jdm417

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is build up all your forces to take up most of the screen, watch out for the enemy's scouts, they come in packs. Take out the most powerful one any way you can to destroy them and just make the guys you lost up again. Then do a kamakaze with your flamers then take your big army to back them up, this should do the trick.

Sergey Perunov - perunov@globedirect.com

Whenever you attack or invade a computer always use infantry.... Put them in front so that idiot computer shoots usless soldiers while your tanks or whatever you've got there destroys guardtowers and other defences!!!

Laurens Roos - laurens1@freemail.nl

It is very important to defend your base well. Because you'll need the most of your resources to attack and destroy your enemy, read this for a cheap, but powerful defense system.
The best way to defend is to put this at your 'borders'

(Or their Evolved equivalents)

This will give you defense for about six squares. When your enemies
come your direction, the SWATs will be in their way . So they
will attack the SWATs first. By moving in their direction, your
enemies will come within firing-range of the Anacondas and
Batteries. BOOM!
This is the cheapest way of defending, 'cause you only have to place
new SWATs each time. Strongly Recommended!

- Place Guntowers on spots where the enemy won't likely attack. This
way, their scouts or other small attack groups, will be held up
until reinforcements arrive.


- Use Flame ATVs, Flamers and Pyromaniacs only for taking out
buildings. They aren't really good at attacking moving units.

- When RPG Launchers or Bazooka units are coming your way, use a fast
unit (4x4 Truck or Monster Truck) to drive over them. Squish!

Danny Nigg - http//www.niggbred@tref.nl

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is make sure that you have alot of RU's floating in. Then you just build and build and build, but don't attack!!! Just keep defending until you have a army of, about 80 snipers, 40 autocannons and 50 baragecrafts. At the evolved side 40 beettles, 80 harry's and (maybe because they take a lot of room) 30 crabs. Oh yeah, make "good" defense (this includes lots of towers, flamers, swats, anacondas, crazy harrys, snipers, etc.etc.

Johnatan Seidner - billgates__@hotmail.com

When protecting a convoy, you must send your forces forward to
the convoy, so they can eliminate the enemies.
Watch out for surprise attacks, and check the sides for enemy forces. After eliminating some forces ahead of the convoy, retreat to the location of the convoy, so you can protect it from unknown attacks.

Danny Choi - www.dannyboiee@yahoo.com

Here is some advice I'll give you - when playing a hard level the opponent has better technology then you and you should catch up with them or they'll beat you. Large groups of armies are good and don't go too far ahead with the vehicles or you only attack with the vehicles and you die. So when you click on a large unit don't click too far ahead or your vehicles will get killed if there are not that many vehicles in the front.


I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
If you put up a infanty build thing an a cheap infantry unit you will be a a pain to kill and you will get used to the extra strain on your RUs

Super Kreb - SuperKreb@aol.com

When taking out guard towers, there are keys to taking them out.

Survivers' Evolved

Guard Tower Machinegun Nest
Best against: Infantary Best Agaisnt: Infantary
Weak Against: Vehicles Weak Against: Vehicles

Missle Battery Grapeshot Cannon
Best Against: Slow moving Best Against: Groups of
things infantary
Weak Against: Fast moving Weak Against: Barrage Craft

Cannon Tower Rotary Cannon
Best Against: Anything Best Against: Anything
Weak Against: Veteran Crazy Weak Against: Barrage Craft

*of course everything is weak against Snipers and Crazy Harrys

Matt Anderson - Matso720@juno.com

Barrage Craft are the ideal support craft for Autocannon tanks. For every 10 Autocannon tanks you build, have at least 4 Barrage craft building simultaneously. Send the Autocannons in first, then just behind them, the barrage craft. With six or seven you get a never-ending stream of missles pounding into the enemy. This in itself is devestating. If well coordinated with the rest of the attack, victory follows quickly. A word of advice though, NEVER SEND YOUR OWN UNITS THROUGH THEIR LINE OF FIRE!

cody - theman@fuse.net

ok if you're running low on money and don't have enough oil to build an oil rig or derrick just block the enemy from getting to it and use theirs.

yo mama - medivh101

So you want some tips for kaos mode? I can do that.

1 -Being pals - Always have 1 ally for every 1 enemy if you're a beginner. If you're a pro, go ahead and experiment to see what gives you the most challenge.

2 -Money - Resources Resources Resources!!! Build at least 2 power stations at first, then another later on. Build 2 tankers for every rig set up. Sorta works like this you see- Oil Good. Get Oil. Oil make kick-ass weapons. Kick-ass weapons really hurt bad guy. Bad Guy die.

3 -Maintaining an army - I usually build a massive army while my ally is keeping the enemy(s) busy. Build about 5-10 crabs/auto-cannon tanks, 5-10 beetles/barrage crafts, lotsa infantry(RPG launchers, crazy harries/snipers, and the occasional flame thrower. The only time I build weaker units (atv, mastodon, dirtbike, pickup, monster truck) is to make the enemy attack me. Whenever you attack their base and lose, they will ALWAYS ALWAYS attack with their leftover men and troops.

4 - Defense - Place towers near key points around your base. Always build your best type of tower in your frontal defences with two of your second best towers strafing it (on the left and right). Always have a few RPGs, crabs, and beetles around your defences. Use some fast firing units to finish off stragglers.

5 - Attacking -A: Ah, the art of kicking ass. Always have say, 15-25 of your best and second best type of units you can build sent to attack. Have some infantry that can whip it out, too.
B: Bombing- I usually build 2 bombs to knock out their units that are in groups. Don't bother bombing buildings. They are too powerful to fall to one bomb blast.
Have a Good Killing Spree!

Dejan Brkic - balkan@intergate.bc.ca

The most important thing after oil is defense. When you send large teams to attack you should have some units to defend. If you have multiple tankers the best thing to do is set an infantry unit to infinite (Flamers or sappers). This strategy works for me in most "Later" missions and Kaos Mode. In earlier missions this doesn't work because there are no good units available. Sometimes SWATS work.


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