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"Repel Them, Repel Them"

Scarry - scarry@ca.com.au

Start off by building an oil rig on the oil patch directly south of your starting position. Move some men down to protect it as there are sure to be guys after you. Next build at least two power stations to keep oil flowing constantly.

The enemy also has two tankers. The most efficient unit to build right now are the shot gun men. They may be weak and move not too fast but in large numbers they deliver a great blow to the survivors.

After you have sufficient units build all other buildings and start building scorpions for defence. This level is very easy and you can basically win it by building a massive number of troops. Don 't waste time and credit on crossbowers.

Around 7 shot gunners are sufficient to blow the enemy's guard tower. The next target would naturally be the oil rig but when you attack it be warned that they will fight you don't defeat their troops.

Be sure to have sufficient troops either fighting the enemy or defending your base and rig. Speaks for itself. Charge at their base.

Martin Thielen - modin@cww.de

You'll just need about 10 scorpions + 20 gunners. Build 2 power stations for fast resources. That's it!

Josh Chan - dchan@axionet.com

For this level you should start building as many shotgunners as possible. There will be some troops in the Northwest so go take them out quickly. Then you might have to send a suicide party to destroy there oil rig. Once that's gone they'll chicken out and won't build. Remember those shotgunners!! By now your suicide force is dead and they'll be sending everything they got. You can probably waste if some guys aim at the 4x4's and then at the troops and bikes. When they've wimped out chase and watse what's left of the pathetic Symmetricals.

Seb Freeman - cba@enternet.com.au

I know this mission is pretty easy, but this strategy could easily finish the mission quicker. As there are two mini surviving bases, you have to knock out one by one, but still using the same strategy. Round up all your vehicles, such as Dire wolfs, and send them exploring till they discover the bases. But don't send them in yet. Spend all your resource on Infantry (shotgunners are more useful) and send them on a full bore attack on the enemy's base. Wait till most, if not all, enemy units are attacking the infantry, then send in your vehicles to knock out the buildings from behind.

chris creech - creech@powerup.com.au

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......to use your Alchemey hall to reaserch technologies. Then you build up a grapshot canon to protect your base. Buy as many pyromanics as you can and blow up their drill rig. Then you get your mech and blow up all other standing buildings.

MDK - _MDK_@Usa.net

This mission is very easy. Just order an infinite build of shotgunners.
You don't actually need to defend the huts around the clan hall.
When you run out of money, make a sweep with your army over the map and wipe the suckers out...


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