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OK - so you have a problem with the demo, yes ? Well we have the answer for you ! Here are the most commonly encountered problems that we have recieved so far. If your problem is not of the list email here and we'll see what we can do to help !

                   |       |_LEVELS
                   |             |_640

KKND is expecting to find the WAIT.LVL in the 640 Directory... make sure it is there. Chances are that you may have missed the -d option on the pkzip of game files and so the directory structure isn't correct...

  • When I try to run the game I get a "LVL_RunLevel() failed or "LVL_SysInit() failed" message.

    OK there can be a couple of reasons for this one. Firstly is you don't have enough RAM. KKnD needs a minimum of 16 Mb of RAM to run. If you are running it in a pure DOS environment then you need at least 500Kb free of conventional memory to run the program.

    The other reason for this is to do with your Video Card. KKnD needs a VESA environment to run properly and so if your card is VESA 2.0 compliant you shouldn't have this problem. If not then we have provided a shareware version of UniVBE which will also do the job - if you are using UniVBE then don't forget to run it before running KKnD !

  • When I try to run the game I get no sound.

    Firstly - check your conections to your speakers - yes, I know it's a stupid one but you have to start somewhere :) Next, did you run SETSOUND.BAT ? Or did you try to get smart and run THEVOICE.EXE directly ??? If you have got everything working cool you should have a file called thevoice.cfg in the root of C: If this is not there see if is in the dirtectory where KKnD is installed - if so move it to C:\ or run SETSOUND.BAT.

  • When I run the game I get strange flickering, rolling and tearing on the screen.

    This reeks of a Video Card problem - Are you running UniVBE ? If you aren't try running it before the demo... If you are then it is likely you have run into one of the cards that UniVBE doesn't support. If you are running V 5.1 of UniVBE try getting hold of the later demo with V 5.3 of UniVBE - this may help...

    If you are using a video card with S3 Trio64V+ (765) chips, you can try to download the freeware package s3fix.zip available from the S3 website. It should fix your problem. Special thanks to Lauri Rġuk for this tip. Lauri has his own KKnD website at http://www.turvaja.ee/roke/kknd/ and its well worth a look! Thanks Lauri ;)

  • The Evolved/Survivor opposition keep beating me every time a play...

    If you are playing the Survivor demo first try playing the Evolved one - it's a quite a bit easier. If you are getting whipped in the Evolved demo and really need some extra "kick-butt" firepower, trying going north till you find the bunker...

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